• Which events turned out to be the most remarkable for the modern beauty industry

    It stands to reason that every year there are new beauty trends arising, however, there exists a number of significant events, which define the historic development of the world’s industry of beauty.  In this article, we enlisted 3 of them, which, from our point of view, are the most remarkable ones.

    Botox Injections

    The application of botox injections for cosmetic purposes turned out to be a real revolution in aesthetic cosmetology and brought the popularity of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to a new level.  Historically, botox treatment was used to heal certain diseases of the nervous system such as migraine, crossed eyes, blepharospasm and others, however, since 1962, cosmetologists started to apply botox for face rejuvenation purposes, in particular, for eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. What makes botox so effective is its main property. Botox represents a toxin extracted for, the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, while being injected into the skin, it locally blocks the functioning of muscle and nerves, which makes the wrinkle to soften and relax. This property is what differentiate botox from facial fillers: it does not fills a wrinkle, but makes muscle and nerves creating it to relax.

    Breast augmentation

    Breast augmentation hold a leading position in the list of plastic surgeries performed nowadays. The first breast enlargement procedure was performed in 1992. And since then this plastic surgery has been gaining popularity surprisingly fast. The reason, of course, is the trend for big breast, which is believed to be beautiful and sexy. However, a bigger breast size is not the only reason women address to breast implants. The thing is that the implants help in case your breast lost its shape or elasticity while, for example, breast feeding or, after a significant weight lose. In the industry of plastic surgery, the procedure of breast augmentation is included in the list of the easiest and safest ones. If the procedure is done by a qualified surgeon, the possibility of any further complications is quite law. Furthermore, today, we can say that the surgery is more or less affordable for a large number of women, if we compare with the situation some 15 years ago.

    Cosmetic dentistry

    Maybe everyone heard the expression “Million dollar smile”. Since the 80s, not only famous personalities started to be concerned about the beauty of their smiles, but ordinary people as well. Possessing an ideal smile with perfect white teeth amounted, at some point, to a sigh of success. It was the time when the cosmetic dentistry started to grow very fast as people want to have a “million dollar smile”.  This dream became true due to dental veneers. Since their appearance, dental veneers have become extremely popular as they allow to upgrade a smile very fast. Dental veneers are effective for addressing various tooth defects such as crooked smiles, large gaps between, and others. Another widely accepted beauty trend is an ideally white smile, this is the reason, why another cosmetic dentistry procedure called laser whitening became overwhelmingly popular.

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