• What quorum do I have to install ac?


    For the installing of air conditioners in a Neighborhood the necessary quorum is initiated in Article 17.3 of the Law of Horizontal Property when it is a personal use. The mentioned article claims a quorum  etxaniz of three-fifths of the full total owners and quotas is likely to be applied to the establishment or elimination of equipment or systems whose purpose is to boost the power or water effectiveness of the property. In the latter situation, validly followed agreements join all owners.


    Nevertheless, if such an installation includes a privative use, for the usage of the deal, a good election of one-third of the members of town who symbolize, in turn, a third of the participation quotas may suffice. You can find variations according to if the use is combined or individual:


    If the exploitation is collective, agreements validly followed under this principle oblige all owners. The quorum is three-fifths, with the presumed absentee election, so that on your day of the conference it will only be essential to reach an easy majority and provide an amount of 30 days to the absentees.


    In the event the exploitation is personal, the agreement is likely to be adopted with the positive election of a third of the people of the city who, subsequently, represent a third of the participation quotas. All the expenses derived will soon be at the account of who gets the service. In this case, the alleged absentee election doesn't use, since Article 17.8 Horizontal Home Legislation excludes it because the cost of services can not be passed on to homeowners who have maybe not expressly chosen in the Board in support of the contract.

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