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    Brody web design provides the most prominent form of Web Services, including; Web Design Phoenix, Flash Graphic Animation, Website Programming, Search Engine Marketing, Print / Logo Design, Video Production and Video Marketing. When we start our designs, they are exclusive, meaning you will never see that design from anyone else. This makes us stand out from the crowd. Our prices are tremendously low for the services you receive. We design static websites with HTML / CSS coding, which maybe science to you, but it’s a language that the Search Engines are most friendly with. All websites need visibility on the search engines, unless you plan on spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV commercials.

    Search Engine Marketing, the most important thing in Web Development Phoenix. Without this, you are just another page, buried in the back of the book (Google, Yahoo, AOL, Alexa, MSN, etc).

    Our team of professionals has over 12 years of SEO knowledge and can actually show results. You may get tons of emails from companies or calls asking you to let them do your online marketing, first thing you should ask theme…Where is the proof. That is something we have no problem showing you. We strive and get fulfillment with bringing our clients to the top of the search engines. Our intentions are to have you as an existing client for years to come, so if we did not do our job correctly in this department, you would never utilize our services again. We have a long list of clients who you may talk to about our practices in Search Engine Advertising. This will make you rest at ease know you picked true professionals in the industry.

    Let’s say you need a custom online application on your website that would fall in the category of programming including sites that consist of; storefronts, classifieds, directories, forums, blogs, content management systems and many other custom actions that websites perform. Most people are stepping up in the new age and wanting to do their own updating, which is a great feature that we recommend.. This allows you to update your own images, text and add pages easily with your own admin section. Online storefronts are also one of the most popular types of websites, which allows you to put your product list in your very own admin section, or we can do it for you of course. Credit cards or PayPal are options of payments for these types of sites, as well as other forms of payment, but those are the two most popular.

    Videos, great form of the new age marketing. Not only do we market them for you, we can create some of the most professional videos on the net today. Our media team has over 10 years in multimedia development, which gives you the edge on the competition. Pretty soon, you will notice that if you don’t have one, people will refer to your site as a dinosaur. All joking aside, we strongly recommend this feature, due to the constant bounce rate of users on boring sites. When you keep viewers locked on your site with something attractive, like a video, the search engines notice the activity and start rewarding you for the consistency of viewers.


    Great feature to have and we can assure you that our team would amaze you with our developments. www.brodywebdesign.com

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