• Ways To Save Money On Baby Products For New Parents

    Have a new baby on the way?  It won’t take long to see just how expensive having a baby can be but there are lots of things you can do to help ease the upcoming sticker shock that is not for the faint of heart – it is estimated that during the first year of life a new baby will cost your family around $12,000 . 

    Whether you have strong financial stability or you are exploring a very frugal baby budget we can help show you several ways to save money on baby products frugal living baby.  Having a baby doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think but you need to learn to begin saving for your baby now.

    Keep in mind that not all the savings techniques discussed here are going to apply to your specific situation.  Pick and choose the ones you feel most comfortable with and be flexible to changing or adjusting as needed. 

    1.  Utilize a Baby Calculator – Click HERE for a nice free one.  It allows you to get a basic estimate for the total cost of your little bambino.  More importantly it makes you think about expenses that you may have over looked before.  You may also look for a good baby budget checklist which will help you remember what you already have and what you still need.

    2.  Start Now! – First and foremost if you have a baby on the way then you should start budgeting for it today.  Don’t wait until the last month of pregnancy and then stress yourself out by playing catchup.  There are lots of things you can start doing right away (discussed below) and many of them will cost you little to nothing (but your time).  Spreading out the cost for 9 months will help you develop a budget and reduce the need (and stress) of purchasing everything last minute. 

    3.  Talk to Friends and Family – Especially those who have children of their own.  Many of them may have bags and bags of baby clothes or supplies in their basement that they would love to get rid of.  We had a co-worker that gave us a ton of free baby clothes and saved us a small fortune in the process.  Asking around will cost you nothing and you might be surprised just how generous people can be. 

    4.  Yard Sales / Flea Markets – Hit your local flea markets and load up on cheap baby gear for a fraction of the retail cost.  We found baby clothes for .25 to .50 each and sometimes we were able to negotiate even lower when we bought a full box of items. 

    5.  Look on Craigslist, Freecyle or Ebay – There are lots of people out there looking to unload their used (and sometimes new) baby gear at a discount.  These three sites are great places to start looking especially if you are looking for something very specific.  Just beware that shipping fees can really put a damper on what looks like a good deal.

    6.  Caution – Don’t Buy Too Much Clothing – It is very tempting to buy all kinds of cute baby clothes but there are some reasons to take it easy.  First, you don’t know exactly how big your baby is going to be and thus you may buy clothes that are too small.  Second, babies grow so fast and we personally purchased clothes for our kids that they never even had a chance to wear before outgrowing them. 

    7.  Hit the Clearance Section – Retailers such as Target and Walmart seem to always have loads of baby clothes on clearance for a fraction of their original retail prices.  Avoid paying full price at all costs!

    8.  Don’t Purchase Expensive Footwear – We have seen baby Nike sneakers for $30-40 and that is a lot of money to pay for shoes that will never touch the floor and will not fit in only a few months.  Save your money and stick with socks or basic shoes that can be purchased for just a few dollars.

    9.  Hold a Baby Shower – This is a much especially for your first born.  Friend and family go absolutely crazy when a new baby is on the way and this is your opportunity to get as many items checked off your want/need list as possible.  Make sure you absolutely set up a registry with local retailers so you can avoid getting duplicate items that will later need to be returned.  Also, think big.  Try to see if you can score some of your larger needs (furniture, stroller, car seat, etc.) so it will save you from needing to purchase these items out of your pocket.  Lastly, ask for gift cards if people are not sure what you need.  This way you can decide later how to spend the money when you have a better handle on what your most pressing needs are.

    10.  Start Small – While it is nice to get as much as you can out of the way before the baby is born it is not essential to get everything.  You may find yourself with a bunch of baby stuff that you cannot use yet (the baby will be just too young).  So, make of list of needs/wants for different stages of the baby’s life to help you not get overwhelmed.


    11.  Sign Up For Baby Freebies – There are numerous baby websites that offer lots of freebies for new moms.  This is especially true of baby formula companies such as Enfamil and Similac.  Get as much as you can free as you will soon learn that baby products such as formula becomes a major expense.

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