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    Our objective is to offer a comprehensive vision examination in order to train you and your category of all your aesthetic needs. We shall analysis and treat any aesthetic situations most abundant in sophisticated engineering available. Prevention is important! Keep your eye health by arriving regularly for your attention exams.


    Julie Chen, O.D.

    Julie Chen, O.D. is just a Florida board registered optometrist, certified to take care of and control conditions of the eye. She completed her Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry at the College of Florida, San Diego and continued to complete her Doctorate of Optometry at the University of California, Berkeley.

    Dr. Chen has intensive medical experience in comprehensive perspective examinations, contact contact fixtures, dry attention administration, and co-management of refractive/cataract surgery. Dr. Chen can also be a Refractive Surgery Managing Optometrist at Coastal Vision Medical Class in Newport Beach and Fruit, CA. In her place there, she is mixed up in refractive surgery consultation process and pre/post-operative care for refractive surgery patients. She oversees people which have undergone refractive procedures inclusive of: LASIK, PRK, ICL, Intacs, RLE, pterygium removals, and cataract extractions. She is experienced in state of the art systems such as for instance custom trend front technology and femtosecond lasers. Dr. Chen is just a person in the National Optometric Association, the  Irvine Eye Doctor  Florida Optometric Association,Lime County Optometric Society, and the Asian National Optometric Assocation. She is also a person in the very respected Advisory Board for Coastal Vision Medical Group. Dr. Chen is focused on providing exceptional customer service to generally meet all of her patients aesthetic needs. She exists in Red County with her husband and four daughters. In her extra time she likes preparing well balanced meals for the family and physical fitness. You will often find Dr. Chen and her household hiking around Orange County.


    Jordan Gill, Optician

    Michael Gill has an optical history because 2004 and became an authorized optician in 2010. He has a passion for the healthiness of the attention, along with today's attention technology. In his sparetime he operates on electronic audio and graphic style which both appear to move turn in hand. He's been married very nearly 5 decades today and gives a lovely child named Purple along with his wife. Michael wants to train people on new visual advancements in both cups and contact lenses. With Michael's educational history and on the job knowledge, visual is a huge element of his life. He can not envision anything else. Michael appears ahead to conference you and helping you with your optical needs.


    Carissa Ortiz,Optometric Technician/Medical Billing Consultant

    Carissa has received a history in the ophthalmology/optometry subject for over six years. In the past couple of years she was a surgical counselor for an ophthalmologist, as well as a technician. Hands on experience has bolstered her familiarity with vision care, that being good for the individuals she's had the freedom of training and interacting with. Now in a solely optometry subject she is broadening her understanding in the optical earth, her medical experience has been an asset to acquiring these new skills. Quality patient treatment is of highest importance in her book. When she is perhaps not at the office, at the office she spends her time doing volunteer function in the community, and she is dealing with the deaf and difficult of hearing. She's able to communicate in British, Spanish and National Indicator Language (ASL). She lives in the LA region, and loves going to off-beat espresso shops and a number of eateries with her husband to be.


    Sophia Brodsky

    Sophia joined Concourse Optometry following concluding her Master of Technology in Global Medicine at Keck College of Medicine, USC. Before that, she completed her Bachelor of Research in Physiological Sciences at UCLA. Having lived in LA for 6 years, she was eager to maneuver back to Irvine. Only at Concourse Optometry, Sophia fell in deep love with a person's eye treatment career and is pursuing her Doctor of Optometry amount at Southern Florida School of Optometry. She specially loves learning people and seems ahead to conference you! In her spare time, Sophia is almost certainly in your kitchen cooking German macarons and cakes for her small catering organization, PiipaCakes.

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