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    Situated in Wickford, Essex, UK and one of the leading distributors of the fantastic Swann Morton model of  swann Morton blades  Medical Scalpel Knives and Grips


    Indigo have now been offering Swann Morton products for over two decades and inventory the full selection designed for quickly delivery and at the lowest prices you will find in the UK! All costs are copied with your Value Beater Promise! Merely call among our Pleasant Income Staff Today on 01268 768 768 and we will find you the top offer available


    Products and services


    Consisting of 34 edge patterns and 12 grips the Swann Morton normal selection can be used for the duration of all precise disciplines including Cardiology, Orthopaedics and Reconstructive surgery.

    The "selection" lies with the surgeon and their knowledge as to which size and model of blade is many befitting a particular procedure and which handle offers them with the flexibility, dexterity and range of area they privately require.

    The number does contain individual unique items like the E/11 for Chiropody , the 12d and 15c for Dentistry and the SG3 for small Skin Grafts.


    Podiatry and Chiropody Selection


    Swann-Morton produce a selection of carbon or metal sterile surgical blades preferably fitted to chiropodists and podiatrists.

    As time passes we are able to develop corns and calluses in high stress areas of the legs including the metatarsal brains, the sides and tops of feet and the heel which involve typical pairing down or scalpel debridement by a trained Podiatrist. The Swann-Morton Sabre E/11 knife stays common amongst Podiatrists for eliminating those regions of hard skin hence minimising discomfort. The specific closed razor like cutting edge is great for this procedure.

    The most typical corn is just a hard corn (Heloma Durum) which appears as a unique difficult, yellow bulk with a bright centre. Enucleation (removing the nucleus) of corns is definitely an operative process to cut back a corn so that it is no more painful, a procedure which frequently involves the usage of lots 15T blade.

    Nail care may be necessary for thick unpleasant and difficult to manage toenails, in rising nails, and fungal claws while Nail Surgery may be the just lasting solution for painful, ingrowing, involuted or thickened deformed toenails. The Great SM61 and SM62 simple bevel blades behave a like a little chisel which may be inserted in and around the fingernail although the PD81 blade used along with the slim barrelled PD handle offer an additional level of finish to the nail.


    Swann-Morton Chiropody & Podiatry Range


    Below is the full selection of Chirpody & Podiatry blades and handles.



    9, 10, E/11, 15, Sabre E/11, Sabre D/15, SM61, SM62, SM65, SP90, SP91, PD81, PD82



    No. 3 S/S, No. 3G S/S, No. 7 S/S , No. 9 S/S, SF13, SF23 & PD Handle

    Swann-Morton Dentistry Range




    With dental and skin appearance in your mind Swann-Morton provide the flexible Fine selection of handles and blades. The leading edge experience embodied within these knives matches the absolute most demanding and complex requirements presented by present day Periodontal, Aesthetic, Dental Implantology and Maxillofacial procedures.

    The EU Sharps Directive agreeable sterile retractable security scalpel helps present secure driving standards and encourages safe disposal of sharps in the dental practice. It happens to be available in three edge styles, 10, 11P and 15 which are colour-coded for simple recognition.

    The simple use sterile blade cleaner helps in the safe removal of a contaminated operative blade from the standard steel operative grips whilst the Cygnetic range mixes a larger stainless knife with a particular innovative handle which grabs the blade strongly on both parties providing extra horizontal strength. The device minimises the managing of the edge when installing and removing from the handle.


    Enhancing the prevailing array of security items the KLEEN Blade Management Process makes for easy safe connection and elimination of medical knives from a regular handle. The system which features an excellent Swann-Morton operative edge is designed to perform with many No.3 and No.4 standard medical handles already in flow within the hospital system therefore minimising disruption and cost during the conversion process.

    The knife is supplied sterile in the defensive sliding sheath which addresses the knife fully thus encouraging with incident free handling. The sheath completely reveals the surgical knife when in use with an user-friendly lock which prevents any ahead movement of the sheath during the procedure. Simple to detach the BMS encapsulates the contaminated sharp which is still apparent for the final rely and to greatly help ensure safe and responsible disposal.

    U.S.Patent No. 8,931,181.


    Great Range


    Complimenting the traditional Swann-Morton knife patterns and produced possibly for more complicated and complicated operative procedures in such professions as reconstruction, ophthalmic, cardiology and actually hair restoration the surgeons may possibly occasionally choose our Fine Range.

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