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    Born in 1980 I spent my youth in Michmoret and learned at Ruppin Large School and later at Ort Gutman. 

    Used to do my military שגיב קורן support in a combat product named Duchifat and completed full company after participating in struggles in Function Cloud Pillar.

    Immediately after the army, I enrolled in law school. 

    I finished my academic reports at Netanya Academic School and after four years as Dean, I obtained my LLB in legislation and finished my exams a year later.

    At age 26, I had been in law with all my buddies still at the start of the lives.

    It ought to be noted that for whatever reason, because I was an adolescent, my view of the regular span of study, army, examine and work for 40 years has been different.


    She wanted to be chairman of the Student Union:


    If I analyze my personality as a person, it seems that all my life I've loved to stick out and differ, usually I am unable to describe my wish to operate in my 2nd year of reports, to be chairman of the student union of Netanya College. 

    At the age of 24, without the political knowledge, I chose to enter the competition against some body who had been seven years older than me.

    The battle wasn't easy mentally. A lot of plot, plenty of interest, but if there is such a thing I take from that race, it's my power to join 100 people to guide me, rely on me and my agenda.

    It seems that I previously had the ability to lead after a group of people. 

    Seeking straight back, I will say that I was happy to have missing the competition to my competition, without a doubt an essential junction in my entire life and hence my entire life might have appeared completely different. 

    Sagiv, the lawyer who thought we would go the most common way against Sagiv, who chose to reject the idea of ​​"go secure" and decided to make a change in his life.

    I never decided to just accept the fact I, Sagiv Koren, was expected to accomplish the same time following day until the end of my life, therefore as soon as I completed my reports, I took a unique step and decided to go down to Eilat and engage in the night time life.


    An article on the elections to the Society


    Sagiv Koren Nightlife:


    I started my nightlife by accident during the time of waiting for my studies. I went down to Eilat with a friend. It had been so fun that people decided to stay. 

    I started as only a little beggar for NIS 20 an hour (that was the charge then in 2002). 

    From the even then, since it was never the money that determined my perform, but the want to succeed and stay out. For me personally, the most crucial issue was success. 

    Sagiv Koren can have the very best boats with the highest quality audience till everybody knows that Sagiv Koren is number one !!! 

    Needless to say, in retrospect, here is the view of a young man, since nightlife is one large bubble, but with this website I am exposed to the finish without anxiety about criticism or constraints, so it is essential to see that this is my view at age 26.

    As stated I started a PR and soon became mind of the team, which will be responsible for a team of 8 publicists and the main money of the club. 

    Because in between were learning, then any freedom I ensured to return to Eilat and leave one of the ways or still another the seal. 

    After graduation I moved to final I visited Eilat with somebody in a creation business 

    , and it was crazy years, 

    because the leading body of night life in Eilat, you can say that you are feeling at the the surface of the world: 

    mad revenue, a luxury car that everyone knows and opens doors to. one large. 

    At 28 I became owners of groups and gone one stage up. level of the PR degree of the homeowner. 

    The facts is seen as a kind of "American dream," but here too, at age 30, I made a decision: I achieved fatigue and I've to go on in still another direction.

    At age 30, I understood that when I did not stop, this life-style would never end. I could not build a family group or live a standard life. 1 day, I determined to produce yet another modify and attempt my entrepreneurial.


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