• Rife Unit Operator Sued

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    The Attorneys Basic of Wisconsin and Minnesota have sued to stop an unlicensed person, Shelvie Rettmann, of Prior Pond, Minnesota, from representing that she may cure cancer.


    In December 1997, Iowa Attorney General James Doyle reported a Wisconsin resident who was simply identified as having advanced colon and liver cancer applied Rettmann's solutions following being told that she can cure the woman's cancer 1. Even though medical medical practioners had advised chemotherapy, Rettmann had suggested her otherwise.


    At their first meeting, Rettmann theoretically photographed the girl and her girl with a Polaroid camera and set the photographs in a cup attached with a radionics machine. After telling the mother that she had colon and body cancer and the child that she'd breast cancer, Rettmann theoretically recommended both to possess remedies with a Rife Frequency Generator, a special diet, nutritional products, a program of baths, and foot zoning (a form of foot massage said to split up gathered deposits at the conclusion of base nerve endings to be able to help heal the body).


    Both women underwent numerous treatments. The mom compensated Rettmann a complete of $1,778.85, and the child compensated $495.30. At their ultimate conference, Rettmann informed the mom that she had been cured. In just a month, nevertheless, the mom skilled serious pain that caused her to view a physician. She was told that her cancer had developed significantly and that the prognosis was hopeless. She died right after that assessment. The child was eventually reviewed by her particular medical practitioner and informed that she did not have breast cancer.


    Rettmann allegedly conducted seminars about her items in Ellsworth. Customers who applied her services were presumably told that she'd properly treated as many as 1,000 patients.


    According to Doyle, Rettmann told people that the us government didn't want to heal cancer and did not understand what she was doing. She also presumably provided her consumers publications and videotapes which said that there clearly was a conspiracy to keep the Rife turbine from being approved by the FDA and that the us government was incorrect at Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing. She had been selling the Rife unit for about $3,500 and the radionics machine for $1,700. She also sold the nutritional products she recommended.


    In September 1998, Minnesota Lawyer Normal Hubert Humphrey III introduced that his office had acquired a judgment against Rettmann 2. The Scott County Section Court unearthed that Rettmann had violated state regulations prohibiting deceptive business practices and customer fraud by offering medical units without FDA agreement and showing people she could cure cancer with a "Rife generator" machine, a "radionics" unit, "foot-zoning" solutions, and different vitamins and supplements. During a hearing, the FDA provided support and expert testimony confirming that the devices Rettmann distributed were illegal.


    The determine concluded: (a) Rettmann had offered around $7,000 worth of bogus medical devices, solutions and products and services to an Anoka, Minnesota, man with pancreatic and liver cancer; (b) Rettmann promised she could heal the consumer's cancer faster if he ended using chemotherapy remedies; (c) relying on Rettmann's offer, the person ended chemotherapy following a simple treatment and died four weeks later; and (d) Rettmann also violated Minnesota customer regulations by saying she was qualified to apply "foot zoning" (essentially foot massage) and she could remedy cancer through "base zoning" treatments. Minnesota doesn't license the training of "foot zoning." The determine prohibited Rettmann from giving health care services or services and products, ordered refunds upon demand to hurt consumers, and imposed civil penalties of $50,000 as well as the state's attorney fees and costs.


    Rettmann filed for bankruptcy in September 1998. But, the court ruled that the State was however titled to obtain a judgment. Consumers who compensated Rettmann for medical care companies or products and services since August 25, 1991 should contact the Minnesota Lawyer General's Company by contacting (651) 296-3353, or 1-800-657-3787, TYY (651) 297-7206 or 1-800-366-4812. Since Rettmann is in bankruptcy there is no confidence of refunds. Nevertheless, contacting the Attorney General's Office may preserve that possibility.


    In 2001, the FDA warned Bioray, Inc., of Birmingham, Alabama, so it was illegal to offer the BioRay Light and Sound Generator as a diagnostic or therapeutic unit 3. Some suppliers of the device turned more careful about states on the Web, but the unit continues to be advertised today.

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