• Reprogramming HP 42XX/43XX and HP P40XX Series Formatters

    While facing leading of the printer start the toner entry cover by grasping it under the get a handle on panel and raise up. When the cover is fully open the toner container could be removed by grasping it by the handle and dragging it down and out. Now you will see the two screws that hold down leading of the top protect, one on the left, and one on the right side of the cover. Remove those two Philips mind screws. A magnetic or magnetically priced screwdriver can be used to avoid falling the screws into the printer. Close the top protect back off and reach over to eliminate the addition cover. This is the plastic item that works across the back of the printer that's some oblong openings in it. These help to let a few of the fusers heat out of the printer. When this cover is removed you might find two more Philips mind screws that maintain down a corner of the most truly effective cover. Eliminate both of these screws and open the toner accessibility section again. When open you will see the toner lock lever on the best part which connects to the hood. This is what invokes the toner securing mechanism when the lid is closed. This handle could be detached by pinching it on the on left part and forcing it down slightly to the best delivering it from the toner access panel. Today lightly but strongly lift up on the protect release a it from the printer. Now you will need to unplug json formatter  the get a handle on panel. The connector is on the proper part near the middle of the printer which plugs in to the DC controller. When you reassemble the printer and you have number display or lights on the get a grip on cell be sure to always check that this connector has been reattached to the DC controller.


    Today all of those other covers can be removed. Hitting around to the right part of the printer where the formatter is located. Here is the formatter protect which is often slid to the rear of the printer to be removed. I believe it is simpler to eliminate the remaining portion of the proper part protect with the formatter crate removed. Facing the rear of the printer on the remaining could be the formatter that will be held in by two Philip head screws. Eliminate both of these mess and the formatter cage may be eliminated by dragging the cage to the trunk of the printer. This may require some force because the connector to the formatter is really a really restricted match and could be tenacious to be eliminated sometimes. When the formatter crate is eliminated leading percentage of the right cover should come off. You will find 2 discharge items, one just behind where in actuality the formatter crate was and the other in the leading of the printer which is often observed by starting the leading cover. Holding firmly and taking the protect can release the tabs as well. When eliminating this cover you need to take discover where the ability turn on the screen connects to the actuator bar. This is exactly what activates the power activate the energy supply. If you are reattaching that cover the actuator bar must be arranged with the slot on the turn on the cover.


    The remaining area cover is last to be removed. You can find two launch details on this protect as well. They're notated by arrows showing where to utilize pressure release a the catch. Inserting a straight edge screwdriver release a the cover or simply just grasping strongly and pulling will release it from the printer. When reattaching the left and correct area covers angle them into the underside of the printer first therefore the reduced catches on the addresses will put on the openings on the lower frame. Then only click the top of portion back into place.




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