• Online Dating - Chat Acronyms that You Will Need

    Chat acronyms are the 'in' thing today. To be unaware of them is shocking. Chat acronyms are a fun way of online chatting. These instant messages will reflect on your Internet savvy attitude Online sex chat. Online dating chat rooms thrive on these acronyms. These acronyms resemble the acronyms used by people while chatting in general.

    Common acronyms

    Some acronyms are a must in online dating chat rooms. These acronyms save the user not only time but are an effective and fun way of conveying thoughts and feelings to the other person.

    AAK -- Asleep at keyboard


    AAMOF -- As a matter of fact


    AAMOI -- As a matter of interest


    AAR -- At any rate


    AAS -- Alive and smiling


    ADDY -- Address


    AFAIK -- As far as I know


    AFK -- Away from computer keyboard


    AFAIC -- As Far As I'm Concerned


    AFAIK -- As Far As I Know


    AM -- Away Message


    ASAP -- As soon as possible


    A/S/L -- Age/Sex/Location


    ATM -- At the moment


    Why use them?


    People tend to use chat acronyms for fun. These acronyms are also a way of showing your Internet acumen to a potential date. They also reflect your adeptness at being modern and in sync with societal pace and lifestyle. Chat acronyms have also found their way into physical workplace conversations and even the boardroom. People find it easier to talk in acronyms rather than spelling out the entire text of their communication.


    The psychological perspective


    Popularity of these online dating chat acronyms thrive our inherent lazy nature. People are always on the lookout for a short cut to achieve their goals. At the same time they want to conserve their energy and time to indulge in other activities. In other words, people today have too many activities and too less time. The result is the development and popularity of the acronym.


    Speaking in acronyms


    We aim to save space, time and energy by engaging in the usage of acronyms. In situations of online dating, it sends out a message to the readers that you are smart, suave and modern in thought and action. It tells the audience that you are not boring or old-fashioned. Here are a few more!


    BBL -- Be back later


    BBS -- Be back soon


    BC or B/C -- Because


    BCNU -- Be Seeing' You


    BF -- Boyfriend


    BFN -- Bye for now


    BG -- Big grin


    BL -- Buddy List


    BMG -- Be my guest


    BRB -- Be right back


    BTA -- But then again


    BTW -- By the way


    Attracting through acronyms

    Online dating chat rooms engage in a lot of acronym usage. You send out all the correct signals when chatting in acronyms with another person. It is a sure way to attract potential dates -imagine writing 'as soon as possible' in its entirety. Wouldn't it be better to type our 'ASAP' which means the same thing? The acronym looks trendier and shorter and saves you time and energy to chat some more. Next time in the chat room, when someone writes in 'TTFN' - just write back 'BBL'.

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