• Nano Engineering Replaces Acupuncture Needle

    When I first skilled the Nano chips on my epidermis I thought a tingling, hot experience in each acupuncture body point where in fact the chip rested. While the processor maintained its greatness your body reacted with the ebb and flow of temperature and a feeling of soothing hype, much like when Chi is activated with acupuncture needles. Dr. Xu, co-inventor viên nghệ vàng   of the Wellness Healing Chips and a practitioner of acupuncture in Toronto, described the method while the permeation of vibrational signals that flow through the designated acupuncture channels to body, to the organs, muscles, to all or any the cells of the body.


    What's Nano Engineering?


    Previously widely utilized in several fields of used technology, nano technology facilitates the get a handle on of matter on the atomic and molecular scale in order to develop products or re-fashion materials within that scale. Applying North American Nano technology as a schedule, production professionals in China have made a wellness recovery process that mimics acupuncture with needle. The production process occurs on the minuscule degrees wherever common components are affected so that their program can perform certain results. Nine decades in growth, the research, design, production and testing means of the Nano wellness recovery method achieved its goal of taking the essence of what acupuncture needles start in a treatment. The company literature provides the Nano Acupuncture benefits as follows:







    Number side effects

    Hook free


    Acupuncture is really a major element of Conventional Chinese Medication (TCM), which includes been used in China for a large number of years. As a key or secondary health program it keeps growing in most areas of the world regardless of the fact science can not explain how it works. However, a recorded research shows that during remedy mental performance produces endorphins which make pain alleviation and a sense of peace (which subsequently assists your body fix itself). Based on these results Acupuncture has become regarded as an astoundingly effective process of healing.


    Hospitals applying Nano Acupuncture in China


    The Nano wellness recovery process is made to be used in line with the idea of Chinese Medicine. Tried by using double-blind reports, Nano chips are now a standard in several hospitals in China, wherever the therapy results using them are located to be as beneficial as these applying acupuncture needles. In the West, more and more Chinese Medicine practitioners are benefiting from that non-invasive technique, specially for individuals who fear needles. Also, in a busy clinic the Nano Chips may save yourself time and price for they are simple to use and never lose their potency.


    For a family and for all those who choose applying home therapeutic energy, the Nano wellness system could be considered as a holistic multidimensional first aid kit. It includes recommendations and an acupuncture map brochure for various kinds of suffering, virus, panic, despair, insomnia, and different pressure related illnesses.

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