• My Boyfriend As I Come Home For The Summer

    Its been way too long; 9 months too long to be exact. 9 months ago we said goodbyes again as I headed off to college for my sophomore year. We made it through and waited day by day for this semester to hurry up so we could spend every summer day together again. I've spent my time in my three-hour lectures daydreaming about the past summers we have had and the future one to come. Riding on a boat catching fish all day long The Odyssey Online.

    As this semester comes to a close just know these 3 things:

    1. This will be our best summer yet.

    2. I can't wait to be with you every day for 3 months.

    3. I will never want this summer to end.

    Soon, it will be time to get real jobs and our summers will never be the same. This one has to be the best one yet.

    With only 3 days left of school, I ask for you to have all the hugs and laughs ready for when I come home.


    Your Crazy But Sun Loving Girlfriend

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