• Mobile Bar Hire

    New website helps you compare mobile bar hire prices; cheers to that!

    Mobile bar hire is a service that is increasing in popularity. From event planners requiring bespoke bars for big occasions to people wanting to hire bars for their homes to impress guests; the search for cheap bar hire is well and truly on. Whilst a service that many would expect to pay through the nose for, Anything for Hire, a new website, is here to help.

    Launching this week, the website offers support to those seeking mobile bar hire solutions. With hundreds of vendors up and down the country, the awebsitepp connects searchers with options in less than 60 seconds, proud to offer ‘a streamlined solution that saves people time and money’.

    Anything for Hire; a Welsh startup (based in Cardiff), has successfully used technology to uncomplicate the process of comparing bar hire solutions. Now, customers can simply type in their request as well as the area they need the bar and be presented with a long list of options. Compared to the likes of Uber, the model is ‘disruptive’. However, when we think of disruption we think negativity. However, there is no downside to this website. As a great tool for consumers to bag a deal and a platform for bar hire businesses to promote on; everyone wins!

    Daniel Ford, the Sales Manager of Anything for Hire, boasts a great deal of involvement in the event planning world, having defined a gap in the market for bar hire.

    ‘In recent years, we have seen more and more people decide to socialise at home, with big events often unfolding in the family base. As a result, services such as mobile bar hire are much in demand. With Anything for Hire, those that want to hire a bar can now explore all of their options, gaining the best prices and service suited to their needs”.

    You can also search, compare and book hire services now on anythingforhire.com

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