• Leadership Development, Executive Coaches, and Organisations!!


    What is leadership Development?

    A comprehensive plan that helps one set one's career on a strategic leadership path, defining a vision for the career, establishing particular leadership development goals with a definite timeline and committing to concrete action steps for achieving them is called Leadership Development.

    How can executive coaches help, train and develop leadership skills?

    • While hiring an executive coach to help leaders enhance leadership skills, it is essential to first learn about how executive coaching and consultancy work.
    • Every coaching and consultancy firm uses a different process.
    • One might work better for one organisation than another.
    • For example, a 360-Degree Assessment can be helpful for you getting a broad perspective on a manager's strengths, and development needs and on the other hand it may not work for others.
    • You could be already aware of areas for improvement and therefore need help identifying resources to support filling those gaps.

    Thus you can get an idea of various processes that might help you find whatever you are looking for regarding coaching from the points discussed below which Phrenimos believes in as a top executive coaching firm in India.

    Guides Transformational Leadership Development•Phrenimos is one of the top executive coaching firms in India.

    • Phrenimos believes that leadership and cultural transformation begins with personal awareness and responsibility.•An executive coaching firm cannot transform the culture of the company, organisation or planet unless we as individuals are willing to examine and modify our behaviours.
    • Phrenimos specialise in partnering with organisations and leaders globally to create meaningful and necessary change.

    Authentic Leadership Style

    • Leaders of organisations today face the most significant challenge ever faced by their leaders which is to create their authentic leadership style.
    • This is a personal challenge, and the “leadership techniques” of old are usually seen as manipulative.
    • Thus preferably, today’s leaders need to reach inside themselves to discover their own unique and authentic style of leadership.

    Transformational Leadership Programme

    • The transformational leadership programme of Phrenimos offers opportunities for several paradigm shifts to occur.
    • Such programmes help to transform the way we think and feel, behave and respond to challenges, expands potential, raises accountability and initiate paradigm shifts of performance, perspective, and possibility.
    • The problem for leadership in the 21st Century requires companies to adapt quickly.
    • To achieve this change, leaders need to be outstanding individuals who can inspire and harness the energy of their people.


    One-to-one Tailored Professional Development Coaching for Leaders

    Phrenimos being one of the best executive/leadership coaching firms in India provide quality personal leadership skills through Executive Coaching.

    Leaders are rendered the opportunity to meet their potential by working with a choice of some of the world’s best executive coaches on a one-to-one basis.

    The prime focus of Phrenimos is catering to individual needs - including personal growth, learning to make better aims, attaining goals quicker, making better decisions and improving communications and relationships as executive coaching enhances performance and develops potential dramatically.

    Such proper professional development offers fast-track leadership development and impressive rewards, and is often used for the following purposes:

    • training for role/career changes; handling stress, change, conflict or crisis;
    • improving individual impression and performance;
    • defending the selection of a person into another role;
    • stimulating the personal development of people defined as high potential in the organisation;
    • acting as an unbiased and sovereign sounding board to a senior individual;
    • offering tailored growth as a means of rewarding and retaining key staff critical to the business

    How do we deal with Organizations and Individuals?

    • We deliver tailor-made leadership transformation and development programmes.
    • We also provide our elite leadership development consultants who will work with you to create a blueprint that meets your specific needs.
    • We also deliver one-to-one executive coaching for individual leaders, for groups and the Board of leaders in any locations, and would work closely to design the most appropriate length and format of coaching engagements to meet your organisation’s as well as your requirements and objectives.

    Therefore collaborate with India's leading executive and leadership coaching firm to identify resources, training and coaching experiences to help you reach your professional and personal goals.


    Summary/Description: Leadership development consultancy and coaching is a game-changing and transformational method of attaining leadership skills.

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