• Importance of Home Health Care, Sentosa Care- Ben Landa

    SentosaCare is a home health agency owned by Ben Landa and Bent Philipson; SentosaCare has many health care centers it is known to offer extraordinary care services to many patients. SentosaCare is a unique organization because it provides short-term and long-term care to its patients; SentosaCare does not discriminate when it comes to treating their patient. They provide adequate care to patients their service include psychological care, speech care, medical complex care, nutrition, and behavior, etc... This treatment center also offers rehabilitation services such as diabetic care.

    SentosaCare is a treatment health center that operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day, always ready to serve its patients. SentosaCare grows very fast every day because of their service; they offer thousands of high-quality health treatment to residents. They are known as an excellent rehabilitation organization in New York because of their high reputation, and they also specialize in providing various types of health care to ensure that patients receive quality treatment. If you are in needs of rehabilitation services for your health, SentosaCare is always the right place to come.

    Importance of SentosaCare in Today World

    SentosaCare perfectly maintains extraordinary medical care to establish a healthy lifestyle for many people. It would be unusual for a patient to travel with their doctor, but SentosaCare agent visit and provide home care service for their patient.

    SentosaCare is a broad field of healthcare services they provided home care service for every patient with different type’s illness or injury. SentosaCare is a suitable company for every patient because they enable the patient to choose when and where they would like their treatment to take place. SentosaCare treatment is also cheaper than any others service. Even, with SentosaCare service, you will get the same quality medical treatment at your resident just as those in the facility.

    The Main Benefits of Sentosacare Service Include

    • Treatment to the comfort of the patient's home
    • It is easier to visit family and friends
    • Promotes treatment with greater protection against any infections
    • Enables more freedom and independence
    • More affordable than hospital care
    • Adapted to the needs of every patient

    What You Need To Know About Ben Landa and Sentosacare

    As baby boomers continue to develop in their ages, they will need nursing services to keep their health. The most important aspect of it is that as a health professional you must able to meet the needs of people in the community with a perfect treatment.

    This is where the Sentosacare, LLC of Woodmere Long Island is built on, SentosaCare is operating by Ben Landa and Bent Philipson, and they play an essential role in providing high-quality medical care treatment for every people in New York.

    Benjamin plays a vital role to ensure that every nurses hire have a tremendous experienced about caring for people and to do all they can to ensure that their patients receive highest-quality care treatment.

    Mr. Landa and his partner, Bent Philipson, donated 25,000 square feet in Rockaway of Yeshiva Darchei Tore in August 2015 and fundraiser in September 2015 for ex-New York governor George Pataki.

    Also, Sterling National Bank rewarded Benjamin for "his passion for exceptional customer service, responsible leadership and home care for the elderly people."

    This site is dedicated to all SentosaCare nurses and healthcare professionals, as well as general home care agencies. However, we also provide medical information to patients, when it comes to medical care, we are all on the same ship, and we salute all intelligent nurses who work daily in SentosaCare and care for older adults in New York.

    Ben Landa now operates SentosaCare LLC ("Sentosa") with his professional partner, Bent Philipson, a company built to help, lead and support united nursing home departments to achieve their commitment perform quality healthcare. Ben bought his first nursing in 1987, and since then Bent and Sentosa have made the most significant healthcare services network in New York. At the site, active care management works on the order that Benjamin Landa and Bent gave to their nursing home services.

    Sentosacare facilities provide health care to thousands of residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week, offering specialized care both in short-term and long-term rehabilitation and countless other qualified care services throughout the New York metropolitan area.

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