• How will be the grips made?

    A home, closet or kitchen is found in each home house. Each cabinet or drawer draws you open in  leren handgreepje  the shape of a handle. Leather handles are used for various applications and they offer a design & luxurious look. Not merely on the grips, you can provide a lovely search, also the grips themselves can make your kitchen or compartment look the same as before. Handles of leather provide a difficult and luxurious look. Do not just take into account the look of one's home, but consider a cabinet in the living room, the study space, the caravan or ship which could look different. That small depth, particularly that leather hand grasp, could make that difference. With a simple and simple addition, you can cause a brand new and new look.


    A leather manage from Mr Been offers lavish and great appearance. Luxury, because high quality leather originates from Italy, from various tannery. Then a leather is give refined further in the Netherlands and created a product. Which means that the leather is wonderful, durable and durable. As you use, the leather manage only gets more beautiful. You can even choose to move right for a classic look. The grip of the grip is then somewhat altered, giving it a stronger look.

    The leather handles come in different types of leather and sizes. You can pick a slender or wide grasp, you can find 3 various length dimensions, 3 different colors and you can choose a standard or lavish grip. In this way you can make your leather give hold as convenient as possible. Ideal for length, measurement, color and appearance (basic / deluxe). 

    Finally, you may also select a corresponding bolt. The bolts are sent in pairs so that you may verify the educational grip immediately. In the end, it's simply the best understanding handle to choose when it comes to color and look, match the grasp! Correct luxury, anything that fits the look of Mr. Been.The leather arises from various parts of Italy from us, then we begin by hand. Put simply, French leather, in our facility in the Netherlands, is further refined manually and completed to the right product. In cases like this a leather give grip. When a "deluxe" hold is plumped for, which means more function has been done beforehand than when selecting a "basic" grip. A luxurious handpiece means that dual leather has been used and the leather is polished. That guarantees that the manage features a wonderful appearance on both sides and a bolling is done at the top / front. The bolling provides a more lavish look, provides the hold more stiffness, stability and the grip lasts longer.The basic grasp , the word says it presently ... is just a easy handpiece made from 1 bit of leather. Number additional edits. None the less, products manufactured from leather always remain a good & solid product. Select a leather give grip and provide it a more lovely look by selecting for elite leather grips.


    Fitting, always do the handles of leather. We've a comprehensive support page.Fundamentally, for many cupboards with widths of 10 cm to 18 cm, we've a leather manage (please measure borehole to borehole). Probably we're able to also custom the grips. Please send a note and we will have what is possible. Nothing is crazy, only let's know! 

    Pick the breadth, color and whether you will want fundamental or elite grip. After that, we make sure that the hold may fit. With your many selections we don't want to confuse, but just be sure you customize your grip.Select the grasp you like and manual you through the following steps. No worriesand customize your kitchen, cabinets, caravan, business room, boat or ...


    You can also produce customized leather handles with Mr. Been . On the top / top of the grips, a title, brand or text may be engraved. Like, contemplate the word'bestekla'on the dish of the cutlery or simply a brand of a fork and knife. You might consider an organization brand or specify the name of the drawer for who or what the kitchen applies to. Good if you allow Mr. Been understand what you are looking for.

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