• How to Remove Textured “Popcorn” Ceilings

    Today, popcorn threshold removal is an option for homeowners concerned about the clear presence of asbestos. Asbestos is linked to disorders and can be found in most of the forms of 1970's architecture called cottage cheese or popcorn ceiling. The procedure resembles the title; small, often pointed, bubbles prepare the threshold where the therapy was done.

    In 500 Easy Home Restoration Answers by Norman Becker a few ideas are offered for homeowners who might have questions in regards to the situations and security of these ceilings. Mold, environmental contaminants and aged components are typical concerns for those consumers who are addressed in this book. Examining such substance maintains homeowners educated to discover the best decision-making popcorn ceiling removal.

    Roofs are of particular concern to Becker and his audience. In this text, the following threshold situations are mentioned with alternative focused practical language.

    Water Areas on Ceiling

    Leaky roofs are noted for producing water stains on usually beautiful ceilings. Color shops, house construction shops and the others shops provide a selection of items for working with the irritating remnants of water damage. A spot stopping primer can be placed on the surface of a water spot. Once it's dried, the homeowner is prompted to color the ceiling.

    Ceiling Stains

    Particular places on the threshold are made of mold. Becker calms worried homeowners by suggesting a remedy of bleach and water. The cost-effective solution can remove airborne pollutants with almost no effort. Becker warns that the end result might take some aftercare; in case a brown spot emerges, he states, make sure you cover it with primer wax rather than paint. With color, the spot can bleed through and with wax, the look of the threshold can remain intact.

    Asbestos in Ceiling

    Becker assures homeowners that when asbestos is within their threshold, solutions exist. When asbestos materials are subjected to the air, or when there is damage to the threshold, pollutants can be breathed by inhabitants. In these cases, Becker recommends popcorn threshold removal. By contacting an asbestos abatement business or even a business that gives this company among others, the threshold can be changed without any probably problems "do it yourself" activities of the homeowner. Before this, a sample is tried for the clear presence of asbestos in a laboratory.


    Popcorn or audio threshold removal is certainly one of numerous therapies homeowners might find necessary. As observed over, many of these choices be taken on by the homeowners themselves. Maintaining abreast of the new ways to remedy house construction problems might really impact your wellbeing and your budget.

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