• How to Get Rid of Spots Overnight

    Knowing how to get rid of spots overnight takes a lot of trial and error. Using products that claim to be 24-hour cures generally just empty your pocketbook and leave acne right where it's always been - on your face.

    But you don't have to live like that forever. Finding out how to get rid of spots overnight - and getting a solution that really works - is half the battle. And that's what I hope to provide you with here today.

    Try a spot treatment: Cleansers are one thing, but those work on your whole face. They're not going to treat your individual Get rid of spots on face . Obviously, it's a good idea to use the cleanser before you apply the spot treatment directly on your spots, but don't rely on it totally cure your spots. The whole point of the spot treatment is to inject zit relief right at the point of entry. If you get a spot treatment working overnight, there's a good chance that the zit will be gone by morning. Note that spot treatments won't work as well on deep zits, like cysts. It works quite well on whiteheaded pustules, which poke out and really show up on your face.

    Sleep with a fresh pillowcase: Dirty skin cells from a used pillowcase will only irritate your spots as you try to get rid of spots overnight. It might not sound like a surefire way to get rid of the spots, but you'd be surprised at how effective it is. Some experts recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase, rather than a cotton one. You could definitely try that, if you have access to a silk pillowcase.

    Apply some aloe vera gel onto your spots: One of the best ways to know how to get rid of spots overnight is to apply aloe vera gel over the affected areas. It's safe for your whole face, but it will feel sticky, so you might want to limit the gel to just over top of the zits, for comfort purposes. You might think aloe vera gel is a funny way to get rid of spots. After all, it's not made with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid or any of those other acne-busting ingredients. So what about it works so well? As it turns out, aloe vera gel can help acne in the same way that it helps sunburn. It takes away the redness and helps improve your skin tone, which will take down the inflammation in the zit and help bring your skin back around to a normal color.

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