• HIV 4th Era Autotest


    What's the big difference between the Fifth and Fourth generation test products?

    4th technology of specific effect tests show 6-8 weeks following exposure.

    5th era tests display precise effects 14 days after publicity, since this is when the p24 antigen becomes high enough to calculate effectively.


    What is HIV? 4th technology (blood sample) Home Test Set? 

    The HIV antibody test is really a easy blood check that detects the current presence of HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies. HIV antibody is just a protein made naturally in the torso in reaction to HIV disease.The antibody check is important because it offers you an initial sign that you have been infected with HIV. Early sign may lessen the likelihood of creating an AIDS-related illness.


    What's caused by HIV selfta santé sexuelle its testing?4th era? 

    A positive result suggests that the antibody was present in your blood. If anyone is tested positive, he / she wants to contact the doctor instantly for verification of HIV by ELISA or Western Blot. Proper counseling and support from the individuals medical practitioner, enough time of HIV transformation in AIDS could be increased on wellness diet, supplements and medicines.


    A negative effect at 28 days is excellent news, but it is inconclusive. The World Health Business (WHO) directions say that the negative result in the beginning of 28 times (1 month) should be proved by a 2nd 90-day (3-month) post-exposure test.


    But, You need to know that the antibody check is not really a test for AIDS condition - it will not tell you when you have AIDS. It is only going to show when you yourself have come right into connection with the virus that can cause AIDS.


    What's HIV? 

    HIV is a virus that produces a chronic but treatable infection. There's currently number heal but with medicine and treatment performs may therefore those with HIV can stay as long as anybody else. An untreated HIV contamination, however, life-threatening. Thus, it is essential to get tested in order that treatment may be initiated the moment possible.


    How have you been contaminated with HIV? 

    The chance that, An HIV infection to another person is the greatest of the first months following infection before treatment could be initiated. Then the high viral load while the individual with HIV do not even know about it. HIV could be given unprotected anal, oral and common transmission or sharing of treatment equipment with a person who has HIV. The virus can also be transmitted throughout maternity, childbirth or breastfeeding. HIV isn't transmitted through cultural contacts.


    Treatment of HIV illness

    The treating HIV today is so efficient it is probable to reduce the total amount of virus to measurable levels. Then transferring the danger of sexual contact is practically nonexistent. The risk that the disease is given from mom to kid throughout pregnancy or childbirth is very low if therapy is started early. How the danger looks at sharing needles is less obvious in the current situation. But, the review is that treatment and the stable HIV good significantly reduces the chance of transmission.


    Defend Yourself and Others

    An individual may have HIV without understanding it. Condoms are a great way to protect your self and others from HIV and other sexually sent infections. Never share needles with anyone. Check in the event that you' Are not positive and dare to ask the problem if your partner is testing. The danger of sending HIV illness to others or HIV can raise when you have another sexually given infection.

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