• Equipment for canyoning

    Natural River | Canyoning Granada , experience sport. Granada is really a great town to go to and on the list of places that you need to know when driving through this can be a Green Water, Rafting Granada  however not in just about any way. How you can visit it and live it to the fullest is by canyoning.


    The canyoning in Rio Verde is also called "Descent of Barrancos or Canyons ".It is definitely an task considered Experience Sport by which it descends by the station of a ravine or canyon experiencing the limitations that we will see all as you go along, such as rappels, slides, jumps and trepaderas.


    Experiencing with canyoning in Rio Verde


    Knowing Rio Verde as a natural heaven generally visited by its amazing waterfalls, normal slides and leaps that matters with an enviable temperature because of the Exotic Environment quality of this part of ​​Spain. It helps it be one of the finest alternatives of Ancestry, for Canyoning Granada , and that, because of its spot, you will have the promise of to be able to enjoy it with water and sunlight throughout the year (although we let you know that the very best time for the will be the weeks of March to July ).


    The canyoning actions in Ríe Verde can be loved without prior experience , because it's a few pieces and levels to have the ability to produce everybody else participate in that exceptional task of decreasing the course by canyoning in Rio Verde by the normal park of the Almijara with great quantity of natural limitations like jumps to wells and streams without forgetting the enjoyment normal glides where you are able to live great activities of canyoning Granada.


    That activity may be carried out accompanied by a professional information on the situation and besides carrying the mandatory clothing, such as for instance neoprene, helmet, eight, carabiner and harness. All of this you can get with different adventure vacation businesses that's in Granada to manage to enjoy the perfect arrange for you and your companions. Understand that you only require good shape and above all: You intend to love this great adventure of canyoning Granada with Sulayr


    Stay and share special experiences with your experts in probably the most known descents of Canyoning Granada, Malaga, Cádiz, Seville, Cordoba and several more.


    Sulayr Aventura is educated by their specialists of ravines and canyons, that presents to the adventurers and fans of outdoor activities a lot of possibilities to enjoy your chosen hobby.


    Adventure game that's practiced in the canyons or ravines of a river, to be able to provide a very diverse option: there are terrains of vegetation or desert, are portions with small caudal and actually dried, torrentialism is always to over come these improvements of vacation: walking, swimming and unleashing. In the gear, anyone will need to have at least a helmet, a neoprene suit, neoprene footwear, appropriate footwear, mechanical blockers, pedal, knife, whistle and backpack.

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