• Efficient ways of writing a Social Media Press Release

    A social media press release is an essential tool for social media campaigns as it incorporates social interactivity between the people on social platform. In this technological era, to portray a message on social media, press release has been proved the best since ages. But, it should be kept in mind that a social media press release and a tradition press release differ a lot in terms of writing. A social media press release works the best in conjunction with the traditional one.

    This article will help you know about a social media press release in detail; by identifying some big mistakes that people often do while writing.

    Efficient ways of writing a Social Media Press Release: Elaboration on Social Media Press Release

    An effective social media release is the one which portrays the real happing of the situation. It emphasize on the social connectivity of the people through its content.

    The traditional format of press releases has become vague because of the advancement in Internet and social channels. The use of social media and multi-media is increased and small details are combined with them. SEO is an important tool in it as the effective utilization of keywords can help in making it famous more quickly. Time also plays a very important role in this, the quicker you are able to make people like it; the more it revolves around the social media in the form of re-tweets or re-shared posts.

    Efficient ways of writing a Social Media Press Release: Social Media Press Release main Components  

    Following points should be kept in mind while writing a Social Media Press Release:

    1.       Headline: It should be simple and concise. Adopting effective keywords would prove to be the best. 

    2.       Additional headline: If you want to share anything important and want the readers to give it a look then you can write this. It is optional. 

    3.       Overview: It is brief summary regarding what you are going to cover in your release. Only 2 paragraphs should be used for this with good keywords.

    4.       Body: This is the main part comprising of the news. It should be in detail.

    5.       Facts: This includes statistical figures or graph linking to the information in the previous part.

    6.       About the Company: It includes the information about the company including their social media accounts. 

    7.       Links regarding Multimedia: It includes the links of the YouTube videos, images, RSS feeds etc. 

    8.       Other links: It includes the other links relevant to your product for keeping people engage. 

    9.       Tags: This includes Twitter hashtags, social bookmarking sites and Facebook fan pages. 

    10.   Contact: It includes personal information like email, contact number, name, address, twitter and other social media accounts. 

    Efficient ways of writing a Social Media Press Release: Some huge blunders to abstain: 

    Some biggest mistakes people often do while writing a release and ‘ways to avoid them’ includes:

    ·         It is company focused rather than the offering. People reading the release are keener in knowing about the product of service rather than the company so you should include the content which is more towards the detail of the product or the offering.

    ·         Marketing lingo content is used in greater amount. To keep the audience engage more shareable or conversational content should be used.

    ·         Content is only written for appealing broader audience however, this should not be the case; content written should also attract the consumers or certain bloggers.



    Pondering upon all these points can make you able to write your own effective social media press release which would help in keeping it conversational and shareable.  It will also help driving sales if you are a marketing person. Also, if you a social activist it would help in spreading awareness among all the people on social media.

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