• Dr. Wohns done a Full Cervical Cd

    Coming through to 13 decades of flexibility! Dr Richard Wohns conducted surgery on April 14, 1999. I am so happy since I'm like I obtained my husband back. He was just 29 during the time, and in steller  Richard Wohns MD shape skiing black stone mountains, cycling down hill trails, and a great running father. February 1997, he was in an auto accident wherever he blew the L4 andL5 substance out of his discs. For those a couple of years, he was in therefore significantly back suffering, that individuals had opted to 17 different doctors 3 hospitals and number one could find out the problem. The Doctors had him doped up on medications to manage the suffering, but that was no life. He was asleep 18 hours a day and functioning 6 without any fun activities anymore. When he stepped, the bones applied together causing extreme pain ...we did not understand what happened. Neither did 16 of the Health practitioners we saw. Our family medical practitioner referred people to Dr Wohns. We brought our MRI's to the appt and about dropped to the ground when he said I am aware precisely what is wrong... following a very difficult check, we'd surgery around 4 weeks later, L4, L5 Fusion. There clearly was about 4-6 months of true recovery before he had all abilities back. He surely could come back to perform regular, and gradually get actions again. Currently, he hasn't had any issues since the surgery!


    Thank you Doctor Wohns for changing our lives. I am permanently happy for the portion you played in finding the fitness of my partner straight back on track! Update... He's turning 43 in May possibly, he started Taekwondo approximately 4 years back to enhance his primary, and get fit. He's now about to obtain his second amount Dark Gear in Nov from an Olympian in Taekwondo in Colorado Springs. At his era, and with right back surgery, he can really end near his mind! (and we believed that was just for the small!) He's today a full time Teacher,and a great example you are able to do this actually when you had straight back surgery, and you are evolving in years. Interesting, the stopping is how he maintains his sides open and functioning properly. I'm delighted that we are coming on 13 years of flexibility and needed you to share in the joy.


    Shelly Baker


    I have had two operations done by Dr. Richard Wohns. He's amazing! He is a very active person, but I have not felt hurried at an session and he's generally taken the time and energy to solution most of my questions. I feel lucky to own discovered him.




    I have now been dealing with serious low back pain because 2007, Due to an rollover MVA by which I was thrown out. I'd seen a few medical practioners and consultant; had kyphoplasty performed, did physical therapy, acupuncture, many several types of injections, massage and chiropractic. Most of the time I was unable to locate the one that cared about myself as someone rather then yet another number and or money sign. Was in yet another MVA almost 2 weeks before in which I injured my neck, and have experienced increased low right back and leg issues. I have believed like every doctor I have been to doesn't confidence or believe me and stereotypes me. I have now been afraid to seek new attention because of prior experiences. I saw Dr. Richard Wohns today and all though I'd a long wait as a fresh patient, I did realize that recognized patients were taken back fairly quickly. Leading company staff was ALL helpful and helpful. When taken straight back Dr. Wohns'nurse was nurturing and attentive. Once she left me Dr. Wohns was fast in the future in, needed his time upset taken notice of detail. Described to me what was planning on and what alternatives we were looking at. He was rapid to relay data and coordinate the next steps. I left his company feeling like I'd a complete staff behind me that cared! I remaining understanding why these problems were not in my head and that I have true problems. Dr. Wohns in very educated and skilled, and in no way did I obtain the effect he overlook it to his head. I believed like the same to him. I seriously don't think I'd confidence my attention in just about any others fingers at this time! Outstanding Doctor! Brilliant and very useful team! It is a small difficult to obtain a quickly visit, but so so worth the delay! Many thanks Neospine Puyallup!

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