• Discover the Fantastic Formula of the BINbase Search

    How would you like an insider's grasp on the BinBase review search system and how it can help you to better manage your business?  Businesses in all types of industries are beginning to understand the power of using a BINbase checker to verify all credit, debit and prepaid card transactions.  In short, the details contained in an online BINbase download provides you with an ingenious way to stop fraud and cut down on outrageous administrative fees charged to merchants because of charge-backs. 

    Right inside the BINbase search system is everything you need to know about the credit card being used to purchase your products or services, the card holder, and the issuing bank.  In other words, accessing BINbase software provides you with the best solution for cutting credit card losses. 

    And for those who do not now, BIN stands for Bank Identification Number and this number represents the first six digits located on the front of all credit cards.  That said, a regularly updated BINbase data system can hold nearly a quarter of a million BIN records from thousands of banks all over the world. 

    The information in the records is compiled from authoritative and highly recognized sources.  Furthermore, the information is not readily available to the general pubic and designed for business owners processing payments electronically. 

    When you perform a BINbase search, you will be accessing database records that have been provided by merchants who process credit card payments and by banks and other financial institutions.  By verifying customer information using the BINbase list, instances of fraud can be cut dramatically. 

    Credit card fraud can come in numerous different forms. And without a doubt, it can damage your business.  This is one of the main reasons performing a BINbase search on all your transaction is critical for your business.  When you process a fraudulent credit card transaction, it could be several days before you find out that that the card was stolen. 

    At this point you may have already shipped out the merchandise.  However, using the BINbase number system can help you to verify you have the correct information before sending the product out. 

    Fraudulent orders result in charge-back fees from your credit card processor, so by doing a BINbase search ahead of time, you will be protecting the consumer and saving money for your business as well.  Plus you get access to BINbase bank information which allows you the opportunity to track those banks you've had problems with in the past.

    Address verification is one of the main features you want to utilize using the BINbase search system.  Right off the bat you can determine whether or not the shipping and billing addresses match.  Even though you will have customers purchasing items as gifts and shipping to an address that is different from their billing address, more often than not, the transaction winds up being a case of stolen identity. 

    On top of all this, you can use the BINbase system to help you determine what other security measures you need to put into place to keep fraud from happening.  You are now in a better position to protect your business, so consider taking advantage of all the BINbase search has to offer.




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