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    The ELD mandate is legislation released by the FMCSA, and enforced by the DOT, that requires all CMV people, susceptible to HOS, to record driving hours electronically applying an approved digital logging product (ELD). All competent people currently using a report logbook or  eld non-compliant e-logs must change to certified electronic logging before December 2017.


    The ELD requirement affects an incredible number of professional drivers. If you are presently required to perform a RODS or HOS logbook, then it's likely the modify to ELDs will affect you – however you can find exceptions.


    The FMCSA have allowed for the next exemptions:


    Short-haul people – The short-haul exemption is for people who use the 100 air-mile radius exception or 150 air-mile radius.

    Driveaway-towaway procedures – If the professional motor car being driven is element of a shipment (the vehicle is the item being delivered) an ELD isn't required.

    Pre-2000 cars – Vehicle designs dated 1999 (based on the VIN) or earlier are exempt from the ELD mandate.


    HOS 247 ELD alternative assures FMCSA compliance and offers remarkable protection and productivity for any fleet. HOS 247 hours of company elogs application and electric recording system are perfect selection for GPS services, merchants, little to big fleets and owner-operators.


    An ELD is a digital recording device that is attached to a vehicle to automatically record driving hours for the purpose of preparing HOS reports. The noted driving information may be used remotely (e.g. by dispatchers), considered by the driver (using a smartphone or tablet) or a DOT official (such as throughout a roadside inspection).


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