• Daily Money Process Evaluation

    From Hugo Lawrence, the author of the system - "You should not stay about and await a deal: just collection that easy'industry alarm'and when it moves off, jump on line and check two boxes... If they're both ticked, you place Simple Cash Daily Review a tiny trade", a "easy no-stress strategy ".


    The Daily Cash Process is dependant on "very rapid and very simple ten stage trade(s)" with "a rigid Stop loss of 20 details" and "never chance significantly more than 3% of one's bank ".


    The system is really a 100 site handbook and 2 DVD's delivered in probably the most eco-unfriendly appearance we have however to experience, why oh why?


    The first DVD, the Principles Of Trading might be of curiosity compared to that new to trading.


    Then we find the important thing tools to business, the FTSE, DAX and the Euro, due to their low spread (1 Point/PIP - For convenience we shall utilize the expression PIP from now on whether or not we refer to an List or perhaps a Currency). Target is 2 x 10 PIP winners each day with a 20 PIP Stop at 3% risk per trade. Schedule of choice could be the 10 minute one. Four indicators are utilized; Exponential Going Normal, Smoothed Repulse (new someone to us but on IG Index "Sophisticated" charts), DMI and Rocker points.


    The Entry rules are then discussed, DMI standards should be met first, the "trade alarm", next necessity is for certain Value action that occurs around the EMA plus the Smoothed Repulse must confirm. There's also some, really valid, discretionary improvements such as for example: Candle formation statement, Range to prior Support & Weight (Horizontal, Trend-line and Pivot points). The discretionary elements cloud points somewhat but so far, therefore excellent, easy to setup and an 80% or so technical trading system.


    Studying the remaining manual at this stage though began to confuse. Support & Weight lines on the case maps: some were drawn wherever we expected to see them, some were drawn wherever we didn't be prepared to see them and, at times, none were drawn where we anticipated to see them. Only a little later in the handbook, Divergence and Break-outs may also be added in to the "discretionary" mix. We determined to turn to DVD 2.


    As mentioned over the introduction to DVD 2 (first 10 moments or so) is dedicated to information put up and makes put up actually easier than simply following manual. The remaining DVD provides Access examination on historic 10 second graphs, presently marked up prior to the movie being recorded. Things start out OK, except in the initial case the Outside Support & Weight (S & R) point from 5 hours past has been ignored. As we evolved, the particular pulling of Help & Opposition became even more confusing. That stumbled on a mind when an Entry on 9-Nov soon after 1120 was negated since it needed under consideration a Outside S & R line attracted at 1200 that same time - That is a Outside S & Kiminas line drawn on the information as time goes by!


    We did carry on with the remaining portion of the 1 time DVD and when it transformed from the DOW to GBPUSD we decided to analyse every industry, our observations are as follows. 


    1. Small Business - Right after 0100 taken - Horizontal S & Dhge from couple of hours previous has been ignored. 

    2. Small Industry - Between 0400 & 0500 taken - Decided 

    3. Short Deal - Just after 0900 taken - Ignores the fact the Access candle is more than 20 PIPs - Outside S & Dtc from a couple of hours previous has already been ignored. 

    4. Small Industry - Right after 1500 ignored - Even though it meets Entry standards - Reason it was dismissed is not explained but it could be because it's against the main trend - But, that hadn't been appropriate in all


    There is just a lot of discretion and ambiguity here as demonstrated in our step by step go through of the GBPUSD instances in DVD 2. For people to provide almost any examination on the performance of this method would be nothing more than a reflection of our meaning of the principles and our trading experience.

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