• Cell phone plan in the US for 2 weeks FREE

    Contact Israel SIM Card in now available for students in Israel with the cheapest rates in the market. Plans beginning at $29.00/mo. as much as $49.00 for the infinite everything program sim card in Israel  particular register discount is available at the checkout. Call Israel cell phone ideas for students ,made for the student wants, such as for example hot spot, and advanced characteristics such as for instance voice send to e mail and ultra big information capacity.


    Contact Israel SIM Card or hire telephone in Israel provides people with mobile service while travelling through Europe. As much travelers nowadays determined to go to Europe on their method to or from Israel, they are ready today, with exactly the same plan,and same rates to stay connected while traveling London,Paris,Athens,Prague,Berlin, and many other destinations within EU.


    Just how much you pay each month for your cellular phone? Appreciate 2 months free statement! this can be a gratitude for client who applied our Contact Israel SIM in Israel. keep coming back from Israel, change you mobile phone lines to Contact Israel and spend 0$ for the first 2 months!



    Wonderful Israel is visited all year long by millions of people from all around the world. Those of numerous various spiritual faiths happen to be Israel to experience the biblical Holy Area for themselves. The others come to visit the Dead Sea, strike the beautiful beaches or party their nights out in Tel Aviv.

    Regardless of the purpose that you determine to visit Israel, you are bound to require to remain connected to make agreements such as for example booking a hotel or examining transportaion to your destanation, our number one goal is to be sure that you are connected during your stay in israel with this SIM card and excellent accessories


    The business


    Since 1980, ISRAEL SIM CARD has been Israel's premier provider of mobile phone rentals and communication solutions for many who plan to take some time visiting the region, which include teams, tourists, people, businessmen and students.


    You can expect an amazing quality of support, exemplary help that is always available and the best rates which can be on the market today.


    Quality is a premier goal at ISRAEL SIM CARD, and the team prides themselves on making certain every visitor is effectively related within and beyond Israel all through every moment of these visit. You can also rest assured of helpful, English-speaking workers who is going to do every thing probable to ensure that your stay in Israel is enjoyable and free from any connectivity issues.


    Whether you are a periodic international visitor planning to ensure you have a telephone in the event of an emergency and stay in touch with your family members, or a regular corporate jet setter who wants to stay in touch with your customers at all times, we will have the best solution for you. We offer the ability to stay attached in Israel with 31 countries while avoiding your regular mobile carrier's high global wandering charges, all of that and more with this wise and powerfull SIM Card.


    We may be a small organization but our Staff includes a large knowledge in telecommunications. We constantly use our knowledge to provide innovative new products and services to produce it easier and cheaper to utilize your mobile phone while traveling in Israel.

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