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    If everyone is wearing a custom t-shirt, how can you standout among the crowd? They are not necessarily all that unique, however, with a few simple adjustments. Unlike a cool guitar, a custom t-shirt can be mass produced so that everyone can order one or purchase one off the rack at the local clothing store. What makes one uni different from the next is who is wearing it and usually, you don't find several people all wearing the same thing. There are hundreds of thousands of different items on the market today and the chances of you and your friends all having the same t-shirt are very slim.

    Unique logos such as those for car dealers, or cereals and candy bars or television programs no longer on the air are very popular to wear among people today. Political slogans and call to action regarding the planet or animals is also a popular today's clothing market place. Taking sides with celebrities who have broken up is another popular trend in the business. Whoever side you are on, your best friend could wear the opposite sides t-shirt and that would play well.

    Apparel can be made personal by what you add to it. If you purchase a plain, white or other plain colored and add your own slogan across the front Dsquared, this is now unique. You can also iron on patches or other embellishments to make your own. Most craft and fabric stores carry several different brands of patches and such things as charms that can be added to a t-shirt to make it a custom look for you. Another great options for making a custom t-shirt include uploading a photograph from your computer to a website, like http://www.choicestore.com/gb-en/brands/dsquared2/mens/show/all.html for example.

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