• Botox in Granada, the perfect option to plastic surgery


    Express what you experience after cure with Botox and show the planet your correct emotions

    As persons, most botox granada of us have various factors for wanting to change our appearance and, ultimately, exactly how we feel.


    A tiny change, such as for instance increasing the looks of frown lines, will make a big difference to the confidence and vitality.

    Therapy with botulinum toxin type A transiently relaxes the treated muscles, attenuating the appearance of the straight lines of the brow.


    On our web site you will find all the data you'll need to assist you discover answers to any issues you may have about Botox treatments. When you yourself have further issues, please don't wait to make contact with people or visit our Cocoon Visual Medicine Hospital in Granada.


    The botulinum toxin type-A better called Botox may be the innovation on the planet of aesthetic surgery. Botox or Botulinum Toxin is really a purified protein that's shot in tiny quantities to the muscles of the facial skin to relax them and reduce the look of energetic lines or ease those that presently exist (static). Today it's probably the most applied artistic strategy and has handled to improve the data of skin structure and how to function the muscles offering expression. It is a superb match to face flaccid modification practices such as for instance radiofrequency. With Botox we could eliminate crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, alter a look, eliminate throat companies or neckline wrinkles.


    Botulinum toxin has been employed for a lot more than twenty years in neurology and ophthalmology in patients experiencing physical spasms (cervical dysphonias, strabismus and blepharospasm), disorders characterized by involuntary activities and physical hyperactivity, vertebral arteries and migraine.


    In cosmetic medicine is completely indicated in the treatment of phrase lines with magnificent results. It's one of the most sought after non-surgical cosmetic procedures in new times. The next fundamental indication in that subject is treating palmar and axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).


    The approach consists in the infiltration through an extrafine needle of the botulinum toxin in the muscle of the zone that is needed to deal with, making their relaxation and inhibiting the action of the same. Hence its simple application in aesthetics is the treating appearance lines, that's to express those who come in the brow, the temple, the corners of the lips or the outline of the eyes.


    The Botox licensed in Spain for its cosmetic program are Botox Vistabel of producer Allergan and Azzalure of labs Galderma. Inside our cosmetic medicine hospital we use equally, before understanding the requirements and traits of every patient and the places and the consequence we want. It is vital that the item keep the cold string, so we don't recommend its use outside licensed places.


    For the applications of cosmetic medication, only Vistabel product of Allergan can be used in certified cosmetic medical centers. It must be provided by pharmacies to hospitals approved by the correct community to store Botox. The item must be saved below particular cold conditions. It's crucial that you ignore the vial in front of you. Also our visual medical middle of Granada, has been expressly approved by the Ministry of Wellness of the Andalusian Government to be able to insert botox.

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