• BodyFX

    BodyFX is a non-invasive procedure designed to target problematic fatty tissues. The treatment addresses unwanted cellulite and sculpts your body into a preferred shape. This nonsurgical procedure provides a similar result as liposuction except that it is non-invasive.

    How Does it Work?

    The BodyFX procedure combines several treatment methods:

    ·         Radio-Frequency, which provides precise and optimal heating of the skin

    ·         Negative Pressure Massage which applies gentle vacuum pressure

    ·         Deep tissue heating

    During the procedure, the Radio-Frequency energy is focused at your skin bringing heat to the targeted area. The heat delivered causes your tissues to contract. During the procedure, your body temperature is constantly monitored so as to prevent overheating. In this way, the treatment can be performed safely and in controlled conditions.

    The heated tissue is then sculpted using the vacuum’s negative pressure. This enables the pockets of fat to be smoothed and your body molded into a perfect shape. Several treatments are necessary to notice improvements with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery.

    About the Procedure

    The BodyFX procedure is usually painless and you may feel a gentle warming of your skin as well as a mild pulling sensation during the procedure.

    The BodyFX procedure is performed very quickly and unlike other more invasive methods for sculpting your body, it does not require any downtime. However, in order to achieve the desired results, weekly treatments are necessary and you will have to return to your physician’s office for a period of about eight weeks, for the best results.

    Reddening of the skin after the procedure is common and will last for several hours. Your skin may also be warm for a couple of hours after the treatment.

    What You Should Know About BodyFX

    BodyFX is an effective non-invasive method for tightening the skin and removing unwanted fatty tissue. However, if you are thinking of undergoing a BodyFX procedure, you should inform yourself on what the treatment can do for you as well as how long do the results last.

    First of all, you should turn to a highly qualified physician whom you can trust to perform the procedure. You should discuss your desires and concerns with your doctor so he can advise you on the right choice for you. Before you make a final decision, you may want to consider other more non-invasive and invasive procedures to determine which one suits your needs best.

    During your consultation, your doctor will explain the BodyFX treatment to you and make sure that you fully understand the procedure. BodyFX can sculpt your body into your desired shape. However, the results are not the same as with liposuction, which is an invasive procedure with a long recovery time. Several treatments are needed for the area treated to gradually improve over the course of your sessions.

    Best Candidates for BodyFX

    If you have problematic fatty areas you wish to be treated but you are reluctant to undergo a surgical procedure, BodyFX may be the right choice for you. BodyFX can sculpt your desired body shape and help get rid of unwanted fat and cellulite that bothers you. If you are unhappy with your current appearance and you wish to tighten your skin and remove unwanted fat, consider BodyFX.

    BodyFx increases the production of collagen which is essential in maintaining the skin smooth and youthful. Collagen is also responsible for skin elasticity and tightening of the skin.

    BodyFX doe does not require any downtime and the treatment can be performed even during lunch break. Individuals who do not want to undergo an invasive procedure and stay home for a long time so as to recover may benefit from BodyFX treatment.


    If you are a healthy individual with a little excess fat you wish to be removed quickly, consider the BodyFX procedure. 

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