• Black Garlic: Wellness Benefits

    Dark garlic is famous nowadays for the high natural price with high antioxidant properties, resistant enhancement, therapy help and reduction of conditions such as for instance cancer, heart disease, Obesity ... Thus, you usually use black garlic everyday to bring health to your self and your family.


    Black garlic is a valuable vitamin for health combined with the antioxidant properties that black garlic has become typically applied through the entire world. The ability to fight cancer, prevent and address aerobic conditions, obesity, liver, body fats, stomach, abdominal, respiratory, provide rejuvenation for wellness, epidermis ... 


    Black garlic is used in the family of numerous families in Japan, South Korea, utilized in functional meals, health beverages ... They're sold in the market. The cost is super costly with regards to the source and company that will range from 1 million to 4 million per kg.


    Due to the cost of dark garlic services and products in the marketplace so high that lots of customers nevertheless know this wonder food but can also not get frequently and utilize it therefore I want to tell you. Dishes for self-processing dark garlic at home with the rice cooker that you've successfully tested and succeeded.


    Process materials :


    To ensure the grade of the black garlic is ideal you ought to choose the garlic to be lovely, garlic cloves are equally and equally firmly, avoid picking up the tubers are damaged, rotten. New garlic following the buy you need to preliminarily eliminate the thin layer on the outside the tubers, eliminate soil, sandy earth on the cover, cut off the stem. Take notice perhaps not to utilize water to wash fresh materials.


    If you may not like the first you can split each garlic clove to accomplish, save place in the container, the capability Tham khao do more quantities.Green garlic while still keeping the cover of the cloves..



    Steps taken:


    Stage 1 :


    Position the fresh garlic in a plastic case filled with alcohol and put it to the garlic soaked in garlic. The garlic is approximately 1 kg of garlic and make use of a may of beer. You soak in garlic for approximately thirty minutes to garnish the yeast from the beer. After every five minutes the garlic is when for all your garlic is quickly soaked beer.


    Stage 2 :


    After half an hour you take a large sheet of paper, spread out the desk and put the garlic on the paper. Notice the garlic you simply organized them in the report and never having to strain the alcohol and then set on. For garlic cloves, you do the same.


    Step 3 :


    Protect the garlic again as soon as it is finished and the garlic remains wet. Observe the package is not ready to accept start the package to maintain fungus in the garlic in order to avoid loss in quality does not assure the grade of garlic during processing.


    Step 4:


    Set the covered garlic in the grain pot (home black garlic machine) or porcelain stew pot. With the grain pot, start the warm button, temperature for 2 weeks, with the black garlic device you switch on the garlic dark style and the machine may immediately plan and get a grip on the heat control. Fungus for your garlic batch.

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