The organization ATHENS ANTONIOU DEPRESSIONS undertakes blocking of sewage services around Athens.


    With many years of knowledge ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ  in the area and always under our direction, he functions all of the obstructions immediately and responsibly.


    The experienced, skilled personnel of the ATHENS ANTONIOS STORING organization have within the last twenty years gained the trust of the customers. With state-of-the-art sewage cleaning gear, the business guarantees quick benefits at exceedingly helpful prices. At the same time, he provides out preservation and cleaning of pipes of fats, land and roots with hydration.


    Our particular team undertakes tube cleaning, preventing and waterproofing, protecting each of Athens. We've contemporary force models with half and 1 inch tires, along with tankers for almost any pumping cleaning of septic shafts and pumping of areas from floods. We also have specific cameras, we take out making direction inspections for just about any injury, breakage or leakage.


    Every one of the above characteristics have produced our business one of the main names in the field. Proof of this really is our wide-ranging clientele, which includes equally big private businesses and community organizations.


    Find out more about our services and contact people 24 hours a day. We present the lowest prices available on the market!




    Sink clogging: 20 €

    Bathroom stucco: 25 €

    Tub siphon closure: 30 €

    Bowl impediment: 30 €

    Vertical bathroom impediment: 35 €

    Balcony gutter obstruction: 30 €

    Straight hydroponic obstruction: 35 €

    Drain obstruction: 30 €

    Vertical kitchen box: 35 €

    Centrifugal stump with pressure: 35 €

    Force drain washing: 40 €

    Camera get a grip on: 50 €

    Monthly sewerage storage: 15 €




    With reference to your many years of knowledge, the business Blocks Athens Athonios offers good quality and trusted services to an extensive network of consumers who have been trusting us for the last 20 years:


    Have you got issues with wearing your drain? Gets the direction system of your house or business room been blocked?


    With twenty years of know-how, we come to your position and we undertake sewage preventing, tube cleaning, preventing and watertight cleaning at competitive rates, helping every one of Athens.


    With state-of-the-art qualified equipment in the area of impediment we deal with almost any obstruction problem of small or large level, offering a conclusive solution. By utilizing specific cameras, we see that the water offer is blocked by knowing the precise stage of intervention.


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