• You’ve probably killed more hours than you slept this week browsing through the countless pages of Amazon trying to find stuff to make your easier, but instead you’re adding even more stress to your life!

    Settle down kid, stop browsing the online jungle aimlessly because we got this for you.

    Here’s a list of products so handy that you’ll thank the internet gods (*ahem*, us) for bringing you the light.


    1. Fur Remover

    You are so pumped to have bought Mako, your new Siberian Husky, not caring about warnings about the fur situation you’d have to deal with given that you supposedly have the best vacuum known to mankind.

    To your surprise, your fancy $400 European vacuum cleaner needs multiple sweeps over your carpet to get all of Mako’s arctic coat from still showing up on your socks and tracking everywhere in and outside of your house.

    Don’t be the dog hair lady at work any more.

    This Fur Removing push broom is easier to whip out than that vac and will get all the spots your vacuum probably missed.  



    2. Waterproof Speakers

    Ok you’re totally tired of hearing yourself sing a cappella in the shower and when you put a speaker outside on your sink you have to play the tune so loud that your apartment neighbors hear and hate you for it.

    You may have heard of waterproof speakers but you’re a skeptic.

    Doubt no more, these highly reviewed speakers are as functional as Gore-tex at the perfect price so you can take your speaker with you in the shower for a magical experience of closeness of sound while getting clean that you’ll need to hear to believe.



    3. Plugable Air Sanitizer

    Your mom has been coming over a lot and she absolutely hates the smell of those scented plugins you have right now, and you’re throwing a party and one of your guests is allergic to perfume.

    …OK maybe neither of those things are true but it’s just so much better to deodorize your abode non offensively than in a way that some people might not like or be harmed by.

    This Plugable Air Sanitizer uses proprietary UV-C and really works to eliminate odors with the awesome secondary effect of less germs and harmful microbes floating around in your home, and it’s way cheaper than you’d think for something that’s such a lifesaver.



    4. Snake Hair Clog Remover

    I talked to a plumber once who told me more than 50% of the time he feels guilty when he comes to fix things because they’re often simple clogs that could’ve been addressed with the correct tools.

    Obviously, these clueless customers are paying his bills, but they’re basically throwing away money to a problem that’s easier to solve than they think.

    Hair in shower drains is a huge problem and will cost tons of money to repair when you let those locks accumulate over time.

    At a price that will absolutely shock you, you’ll wonder why you’ve never bought this 3 pack of Snake Hair Clog Remover as insurance against an expensive visit from Joe the Plumber.



    5. Drink Pouches

    If you’re a 90’s baby, Capri Sun was probably your lunch time jam.

    You realized over time though that it’s just glorified sugar water, but you miss those damn packets they came in.

    How dope would it be if you throw your juice in these things?

    You can be an organic hipster who makes juice in bulk at home and instead of reusing glass bottles, you’re reusing basically a Capri Sun pouch.

    Some amazing human being invented these pouches which literally reinvented the wheel by being more functional (they’re resealable AND reusable) than Capri Suns.

    You can get 100 of them at once so you’ll pretty much never have to buy more ever again.


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  • It doesn’t matter that you fail your New Year’s Resolution year after year, you can still get into the best shape of your life with a little help.

    The reason that you and everyone else fails hard year after year for their “New Year, New You” intention is not because of lack of initial motivation, but because of sustained motivation due to no present habits in place.

    Your current self is lacking many things that those incredibly fit people you envy have.


    Just as CEOs have personal assistants and many others under them making their jobs easier and pulling their weight, it’s a good chance that these gym rats with bodies of Greek gods and goddesses are using a secret arsenal of products that make their role of Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Bod so much easier.

    We’ve gathered 25 of the best things that will not only help to create new habits for you to operate from regardless the time of year, but will act as personal assistants for the best health you’ve ever seen.

    1. Water Bottle Infuser

    Let’s start with a basic commandment of every health nut you see:

    You need to be sufficiently hydrated as a basic habit as the first step to the best shape of your life.

    How often have you seen gym rats slugging around gallons of water everywhere? You may think they look silly carrying around big containers, but 99 times out of 100 that person is in killer shape because of their hydration habits.

    Ugh but you hate water. The thought of drinking plain jane H20 all day makes you sick, which is why you never stuck to this habit. You know that those flavoring options are full of chemicals and pretty bad for you so you don’t want to use those.

    Here’s your solution that will give you incentive to stick to this new hydration habit:
    It’s a water bottle infuser that you can put fresh fruit in to give natural flavor to your water that you’ll crave that will be naturally zero calorie and totally guilt free so that you’ll get that 64+oz per day effortlessly as fuel to your new exercise habits.


    2. Neoprene Dumbbells

    OK girls it’s time to bust a myth that scares a lot of women from picking up the heavy stuff:

    …no, you won’t start looking like a female body builder if you start lifting weights.

    You also don’t have to lift heavy weights to reap the benefits of weight training, which include toning, tightening and natural fat burning due to more muscle even when you’re not working out.

    Light weights are also safer to have in the house and easier to move around and store.

    These pretty little weights are perfectly padded in Neoprene for grip and safety and come in fun colors and include every pound increment from 1.0lb to 12lbs, giving you a fun touch to your new routine that includes super beneficial weight lifting.


    3. Micro Slippers

    One secret for people that stay in shape is that things they do in their daily life are great workouts as a side effect and they were going to do it anyways or enjoy doing it.

    Think about someone who loves to surf or dance, they’re in killer shape and they probably don’t even think about gym time or calories or working out for the sake of working out.

    Cleaning is something we all do, and even though sweeping a broom burns some calories, it would be so much better if you could make this daily task more fun and burn more calories.

    Thank God for the human angels that created this fun way to clean , using your feet. Simply slip them on, throw on your favorite jam, and dance and clean along while sweeping around with both feet. You’ll get a killer compound leg workout better than you’d get in the gym while you reach, squat and dip with your legs, having a blast doing it.


    4. Glass Meal Prep

    Preparation is key to success with everything in life, especially when it comes to getting into great physical health.

    Having the right tools for the job is critical when it comes to executing your intention for the fit new you.

    Time and time again, you hear personal trainers and those Instagram models you follow talk about meal prepping, but you’re not so motivated to use your disorganized old storage containers that seem to always have the correct lid missing when you need it.

    Get these nifty glass containers instead, which are divided into compartments, making it easy to prep meals and separate items in one container rather than 2, saving you time, space and cutting your potential lid loss in half! (Sorry, we can’t solve that problem of yours, it’s on you.)

    As an added bonus, these containers are made of eco-friendly brosilicate glass that is safe in the fridge, freezer and the microwave.

    Grab these and meal prep away and watch your diet get better daily!


    5. Charcoal toothpaste

    Now that you have a hot beach bod from your new workout and diet habits, you’re missing one last ingredient to the perfect look–a killer smile complete with a white grill!

    Ditch the harmful, abrasive and chemical-full toothpaste that you probably have for nature’s best solution for natural teeth whitening:

    Activated charcoal!

    This toothpaste is well worth the price as it is derived directly from the source: high quality coconut, making it a pure weapon in your war against yellow teeth.

    Not only does it work, it’s surely cheaper and safer in the long run than most treatments from the dentist, who is often incentivized by pharmaceutical companies to push more expensive methods.

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  • Oscar Wilde once said, “Genius is born, not paid”.

    As much as that phrase still rings true in today’s modern world, with a universe of products available on Amazon, we can now pay for genius that we sadly were not born to create.

    We filtered through the plethora and hand picked the very best for you.


    These 27 gadgets are so cleverly genius that we just had to call them ingenious.

    Get ready to thank us, because after getting some of these gadgets, your life is about to get a whole lot easier…

    1. Water flask

    Some of the functionally best things have a stigma to them because they attract lazy degenerates, things like crocs…and flasks.

    Anyone who has tried on a pair of crocs knows how godly comfortable they actually are, but you’re afraid to wear them because you’ll get judged hard.

    Those who have drank out of a flask know how amazing they are, you can’t fit a water bottle in your pocket but you can throw a flask in there.

    Flasks are normally associated with alcoholism, which is defined by drinking too much alcohol, because it’s just so easy to drink the liquid out of a flask.

    Hack your life and get this water flask into your life, so you can easily add hydration to your life and reap the benefits of a waterholic!



    2. Pasta Forks


    Spaghetti, linguini, fuscilli, cappelini….I don’t speak Italian but I dig the many noodles the lovely country is home to!

    Almost like being frustrated with eating sushi using chopsticks,  a lot of petty anger can arise while twirling around pasta using a normal fork or a weird fork/spoon combo (according to many sources, this is for either children, the incompetent, or improper).

    Next time you invite people over for a pasta dinner, you can save yourself and your guests the embarrassment of noodle slurping and failed twirls with these dedicated Pasta Forks that you can get right here.

    Look closely and you’ll see the subtle grooves in each prong that catch pasta and keep it there for foolproof, seamless enjoyment of one of the very many great things Italy has brought to the world.



    3. Beer Layering Tool


    We’ll let this top rated review for the product speak to this thing’s genius for marketing to its crowd:

    I bought this item while I was drunk, and I can’t say it was a bad purchase. I like to use it because it’s simple and makes a neat beer. I suggest trying it if you don’t want to spend the money at a bar and make it yourself. Another trick to saving money, don’t Amazon and drink. You’ll buy stuff on impulse solely because it looks cool.

    Cool party trick.

    Great excuse to buy 2 cases of 2 types of beer rather than just one.

    Whatever your reasoning may be, this gadget makes a great gift to yourself or others!



    4. Toothpaste Squeezer


    Oddly satisfying things are some of the greatest pleasures of life, and apparently we all lack such things based on the insane popularity of YouTube videos including those adjectives in the title.

    It’s the simple things in life that count, and for things as mundane and dreaded as brushing your teeth, you might as well make it fun and easy.

    Squeeze out the very last drops of your paste using this toothpaste squeezer, which will not only certainly satisfy you but will also stretch the days in between buying new toothpaste. These come in a 6 pack of multiple size and fun colors so you can get them and spread the satisfying squeeze to everyone you know!!



    5. Vacuum Sealer


    Ok iron chef I see you!

    Sous vide…you feel über cool just because you can pronounce it, but how about having something that you can actually use it with contextual accuracy in a conversation with your (probably fake) friends at that next cocktail party!!!

    Even if you don’t care to understand the full function of soo-veed, this vacuum sealer will allow you to use that fancy cooking technique AND it will preserve both dry and moist foods really efficiently.

    These guys here make a model whose price tag is astoundingly reasonable, given what it sounds like it does (and actually does well), and when you drop literal french in that next talk with that couple next door that you hate but love to impress.


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  • Its been way too long; 9 months too long to be exact. 9 months ago we said goodbyes again as I headed off to college for my sophomore year. We made it through and waited day by day for this semester to hurry up so we could spend every summer day together again. I've spent my time in my three-hour lectures daydreaming about the past summers we have had and the future one to come. Riding on a boat catching fish all day long The Odyssey Online.

    As this semester comes to a close just know these 3 things:

    1. This will be our best summer yet.

    2. I can't wait to be with you every day for 3 months.

    3. I will never want this summer to end.

    Soon, it will be time to get real jobs and our summers will never be the same. This one has to be the best one yet.

    With only 3 days left of school, I ask for you to have all the hugs and laughs ready for when I come home.


    Your Crazy But Sun Loving Girlfriend

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  • Planning to own an internet Business totally requires accurate details involving proper usage of fixed assets and decision making. A number of Businessmen claim initiating an internet Business is pretty tough. Then again, if a person is well-equipped with information pertaining to his internet Business, procedures would be uncomplicated. If one is planning to start up his own online Business, recognizing online Business ideas is incredibly important. Apparently, an individual couldn't easily establish his Business if he doesn't know what Business he decides to have. As there is a great deal of online business ideas that a person could engage in, it's a must to cautiously pick what truly suits his abilities and skills. For more information, one could simply utilize the subsequent online business strategy and ideas in building one's own internet empire Odyssey.


    Internet retailing of products & services


    Such online business is a way to build one's own internet empire. Essentially, it needs site creation enabling a person to give relevant details & support for the product or service that he's trying to sell The Odyssey Online. Such internet business idea is exceptionally successful in building a large amount of revenue with combined internet sales and other affiliate advertising. In order to become effective in such business Odyssey, one needs to start up using adequate capital and other business aspects.


    Blog website or creation


    The blog website or creation is aimed to advertise affiliate programs and internet marketing. Such a business idea is an ideal way of generating huge amounts of money over the web Odyssey. This online business strategy completely involves blog creation that matches an individual to his field of interest. When one's blog or site is in place, marketing advertisements from Google AdSense or whichever affiliate programs could be achieved easily. Blog promotion and site marketing is incredibly in demand these days. If an individual wants to deal with such internet business method, he must see to it that he's knowledgeable and well-prepared.


    Writing and publishing content articles


    If a person is fond of writing articles, he could easily utilize such interest in earning huge amounts of money. The ideal thing that one could do is to look for a company that considerably needs some online business  web content writers The Odyssey Online. Such internet business idea is incredibly easy and an individual would never have to exert lots of effort to earn large profits.


    These are a few of the internet business ideas which could match one's preferences and needs. If a person wants to learn more about the cited examples, he could simply ask help from any specialist Odyssey. Aspiring internet businessmen are discovering their world by viewing sites with inclusive information on how to start an online business. As advised, one could also scan the site of Ewan Chia, a renowned speaker and online marketing guru.


    As soon as a person has decided which one amongst the many online business ideas he prefers, his next step is to think of ways on how to enhance that business' operations and setups. Managing an The Odyssey Online internet business isn't so difficult. An individual could easily achieve the ideal business output he desired as long as he is equipped with disposition, knowledge and an accurate online business strategy. Take note that the success of your business deeply lies in your hands Odyssey. If one wants to achieve something with his enterprise, then he needs to begin making actions and/or decisions with regards to his business operations and dealings.

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