• You use Google, we use Google, and everyone uses Google. So what is the number one request we receive as a digital marketing agency; “Make us #1 on Google”. Now that there are over 5 billion websites, it has become increasingly difficult to rank high organically on search engines. Every business wants more customers so that they can further their vision. Revenue is the key to keeping the doors open and the lights on yet somehow, most businesses believe that if they rank high, they instantly make more. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and here are 4 reasons why:

    1. SEO isn’t just where you rank.

    Just like many other complex concepts, you can’t break SEO down into a simple statement. That would be similar to saying, “that car has a lot of horsepower, it must be fast.” If the car had a bad transmission, terrible tires, no gas or no one to drive it, it’s not going anywhere. The same can be said for SEO. Strategy and evaluation of all parts are important if you want anything to surface long term. Attention spans are dropping thanks to the constant barrage of media that we are exposed to every moment. Even if you get someone to your website, you have an average of less than 8 seconds to tell them everything you want them to know. This brief moment in time has to be calculated and strategically planned for. Not considering every angle of your sales story and condensing it into something that can be grabbed in seconds means a loss of customers. Also, there’s no quick way to build SEO that will stick. It’s a process that never ends and must be invested in.

    2. Some keywords are just irrelevant.

    Part of the reason why most businesses could use someone to do SEO/SEM for them is that they aren’t looking at organic keywords all day. Often businesses have no idea how people are finding them. Just because you think that a keyword is most important doesn’t mean that it is. All good SEO practices involve keyword research. This is the discovery point in the process where the appropriate words and phrases to find you will be determined. We have had cases where clients insisted on having keywords ranked that ended up being less than 1% of the total searches. Ranking high for these terms will cost you money and yield you nothing. Plus, you need to consider local search (local pack) variables as well. Things in your locality could really influence user behavior.

    3. Your competitors know you have no idea what you are doing.

    Tools like moz and semrush give SEOs incredible insight into the online strategy of you and your competitors. Essentially, if you aren’t spreading your identity strategically, then you will get overtaken. Either your competitor will hire someone to find your strategy and do it better, or you have no strategy and presence is theirs to take. We all still see ads for Coke and Pepsi even though most people clearly know those brands. These monster companies wouldn’t continue to push millions of dollars into marketing if there was no purpose. Once you are doing something that works, others will notice and they will do it too. This is why staying one step behind will always leave you in a bad position. Hiring a marketing agency that has proven that it can succeed is critical to ongoing success. Business owners often will try and save money by only doing part of the process. In this case, part, is the same as nothing.

    4. You have no idea how to manage Google AdWords.

    Google makes money, a LOT of it. Setting up an AdWords Express account is easy. All you have to do is enter a little about your business and let Google do the rest for you. The problem is that in this situation you will end up spending your entire budget, getting no leads and then wondering what happened. This is because Google is in the business of getting clicks, not getting you clients. We tested a campaign using the words MARKETING and WEBSITE DESIGN open ended in an AdWords account for a day. The #1 keyword search was FREE WEBSITE DESIGN. This means that the majority of the money spent that day went to clicks by people who have no intention of ever buying anything. This could be avoided by positioning with “negative keywords” so that people who aren’t interested never even see your ad. This variable is just one of dozens that goes into a successful campaign.


    Overall the goal is to make money from your marketing, not cost you money. If your strategy is constantly pulling dollars out of your pocket but not putting any back in, it’s time for a new plan.

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  • Modern business marketing techniques have evolved considerably in the last couple decades. We have been moving from a predominantly print and broadcast form of marketing to a more digital driven marketing. In any marketing mix, print and broadcast marketing is slowly being overshadowed by digital media as the dominating avenue for disseminating marketing information.

    Though print and broadcast still holds strong. No one can supersede them even in the foreseeable future. But digital seems to be getting the maximum ROI which means more qualified queries and greater conversion compared to the more traditional avenues of marketing. The greatest advantage of sending an SMS is that these reach directly to the palm of the intended recipient and thus have the highest open rate. This is greater than the open rate of emails.

    Thus SMS marketing is arguably the best avenue. This is where resellers offering SMS marketing Service provider in UAE come into the picture. There are a bunch of companies which offer such services. However, the decision making should depend on the quality and reliability of the platform. Reliability signifies the ability of the SMS reseller platform to send out SMS with a high delivery rate regardless of the country and network that you are sending them out to.

    For businesses with a global reach, this assumes critical importance. At smsmarketingbay.com we have an advanced technological platform that ensures your business marketing requirements are handled without issues. Plus, we have experience having handled hundreds of SMS marketing campaigns across 180+ countries and more than 800 networks.

    We are one of the largest SMS marketing services in the globe. We provide a customizable control panel to create, modify, send out and monitor SMS campaigns to all our clients. When it comes to reliability nothing outperforms the reliability of a great quality control panel and a robust technology platform.

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  • Bulk SMS International prices and International SMS delivery reliability can wildly fluctuate from company to company. There is little transparency in this business and providers will overcharge you citing any number of reasons. Bulk SMS International is one of the rare group of international SMS delivery companies which has a fair and transparent pricing. 

    You can know upfront what your expected pricing for SMS delivery in each target country is right at the time of buying our services. Additionally, we ate bulksmsinternational.com back our unbeatable pricing with a world-class delivery system and easy to use intuitive API that is extremely convenient. When it comes to delivery compared to tens of seconds to even minutes with other providers, we provide a 100% delivery commitment within a few seconds for all active numbers. 

    Today’s businesses are not bound by geographical or political boundaries. They cater to a global audience across a multitude of time zones. The best and the most reliable way to ensure that your messages get across, quickly, intrusively and are read as well, is to send out SMS in bulk. If you are in the finance or service sector you can opt for our state of the art two way SMS service giving you an edge over your competition.

    With reliability being the operative word here, followed by affordable pricing, Bulk SMS UAE is one of the foremost names I the industry reliably delivery hundreds and thousands of messages every minute. Be it an educational institution that has students from all across the world, or a charitable organization with patrons from all corners of the globe or even a local restaurant that wishes to connect with its customers within the immediate geographical area; whatever business you are into and whatever might be your messaging needs, we can handle that reliably. With Bulk SMS International prices and international SMS delivery reliability you have with you your ultimate marketing partner and communication channel.

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  • College administrators are permitted t0o provide various people with OS, changes and applications. You will find various types and they enable you to produce different changes. You can find those who may enable the administration of hosts and PCs, hold the application current, protection guidelines along with collection the configuration. You may also monitor the status of the system while offering employees usage of different programs employed by the business within their particular devices. Once you incorporate, it's probable to extend the device center arrangement supervisor infrastructure to be able to handle the PCs which can be attached, the Linux/Unix and Macs, machines along side a number of mobile devices that run using Windows, android, iOS, windows phone and etc applying just one console. Working out offers access to learning answers which can be comprehensive in order to manage to access, then release and also update the machines of the enterprise, those of the clients and the devices as well.

    Microsoft System Center Arrangement Manager (SCCM) exam prove that you can help corporations manage customer pcs and devices. The training at Tekslate gives necessary abilities and knowledge to manage and keep a Program Middle Arrangement Supervisor setting and can assure you obtain work prepared by the end of it. Having a SCCM accreditation distinguishes you as an expert. For certification, you'll need maybe not go to a test middle, while the exams can be found online. You'll need to demonstrate your abilities to become a Microsoft Process Middle Setting Manager certified.

    On the web education

    There are many companies that offer the lessons online. So that you can present such instruction, they must be certified and have quality guarantee of 100%. When you have a professional practitioner who is skilled, you will learn most of the techniques that will help you take up a job in SCCM. The training must help you to be much more productive. Working out style must be practical to be able to be effective. You need to get access to computer screen and get hands on labs that provide real-time type of projects.

    Who wants to understand?

    Everyone can learn the course, but it's many ideal for the IT professionals since they are able to understand it well. It is required, especially if they're needed to change, handle and then work sites and various encouraging systems.

    SCCM supply the administrators that convenience of making computer software installations which can be personalized in addition to running photos and configurations. These could be recurring across numerous programs on the desktops or all areas wherever they administrate. This brings about consistency and also simplifies the management of one's desktop. Administrative expenses are considerably reduced, giving mobility that meets the varied needs in various environments. Finding the Microsoft SCCM Training might be just what you need. With this particular teaching you is likely to be capable to know various items that may possibly not have been apparent in the past. It can also be economical rendering it a great idea.

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  • In this collection, we are featuring some excellent Cute Backgrounds packs. These backgrounds are made in high resolution and can be used for any kind of design project such as wedding invitations, save the dates, cardmaking, announcement cards, blogs, background, wedding background, party decorations and more.


     Seamless Cute Cat Pattern On Blue Background    Seamless Cute Cat Pattern On Blue Background

    Price: Free for personal & commercial use (Attribution Required)

      Flower Digital Papers and Seamless Pattern Designs    Flower Digital Papers and Seamless Pattern Designs 

    purple, pink and light blue flower floral batterns backgrounds.

     Valentine Background  

    Valentine Background

    Price: Free for personal & commercial use (Attribution Required)


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