• A new Life Changed by Whitney Houston


    The impact of these words touched the heart of your five-year-old child and inspired her to become the successful female she is today. Her name... Andrea Walton. Terms of love, respect and admiration were spoken about Andrea could I attained her, therefore i was not astonished to you should find an attractive, confident and poised young woman putting that name. How do she become that girl? Many paths led to her reaching that accomplishment, but this interview will shed some light on the paths she selected and the highways the girl traveled.


    At the grow older of three, Andrea custom Online tailored shirts Houston very enthusiastic about Whitney Houston--the year--1985. This article moves you through an interview with Andrea some 28 years later. Discover how she recalls her 10-year experience as an enthusiast of Houston with job interviewer Mamie Smith.


    Mamie: By three-years-old Andrea, what were your thoughts about Whitney Houston?


    Andrea: My first memory in seeing her with the "I Would like to Dance with Somebody" online video. From that point on, I became very thinking about her. I thought the lady was so-o-o beautiful--a beautiful black young woman! I actually think my impression of her was her beauty, her presence, her face and her voice.


    Mamie: How did your Mother fit in with you and Whitney at this age?


    Andrea: I needed everything Whitney Houston! As a result my friend had to go out and buy tapes, record videos, play them for me--I wished to listen to everything--to be like her, model like her! As My spouse and i grew older, I elaborate myself after her--her clothes, her style and the way she carried their self. I guess I was over-whelmed by her! Finding this, my friend became interested and was also instrumental in my learning to be a fan. I was only 3 or 4, so I didn't want to sign myself up as a fan--I counted on my Mom for virtually everything!


    Mamie: Sort of like you wanted it, and Mom achieved it! Mother, you have a three-year-kid overwhelmed by a girl called Whitney? Did you think "This is her stuff, not mine" or did you really want to become involved?


    Mom: We've been thinking about that many. Actually, Andrea was a very quiet child--really not enthusiastic about what almost all of the other children (her age) were interested in, so at that point, it was pretty much whatever she wanted to do, her dad and I supported her in it. She was always a daddy's girl but still is, so this individual gave her what the girl wanted. We positioned her in the best universities, latin dresses, basically, offered her each of the best opportunities we could. I chop down in line with that (kind of thinking). My spouse and i wanted be supportive of what she wanted and not what I needed.

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