• A Manual To Choosing and Using Your Punching Bag


    My name is Edward Hanson, and I'm going to show you which punching case you should buy predicated on the body fat and level of skill along with just how to correctly use it. But first, i'd like to tell you a little bit about my experience.


    I have been training in several fighting techinques and kickboxing for almost 6 decades now. One essential part to any martial art may be the development of power through the use of the punching bag. In the time figure of hours, I've racked close up to 400 hours on the punching bag alone, therefore I understand anything or two.


    For technique/power – By constantly hitting the punching bag time following day, you gradually enhance your process and arm speed. The quicker you strike, the more energy you are able to unleash. Additionally it can help you build these important neck muscles, and helps you learn how to use your punching bag , sides, and feet in the punching motion.


    For those of you that do not know, 75% of one's punching power is made during your hip and knee activities, so you need to practice those movements around and over(we're talking years for perfection here)


    For establishing combinations – Combination development is crucial for striking styles. You MUST have these combos drilled in to your muscle memory so that you can virtually do them without thought. You've to be able to do them while below fire – which is impossible to accomplish unless you did the combos tens and thousands of instances


    To issue your knuckles and wrists – I bolded this 1 because this is VERY important, OK? People do not understand it is quite simple to separate your fingers when punching some body in the face/skull. Anyone who has never been in a battle, or perhaps a couple block fights before, are incredibly vulnerable to the problem. One slightly inappropriate attack with your knuckle, and the supporting give bone can crumple making your give USELESS until you get surgery on it. You have to problem for YEARS in order to ensure that doesn't happen.


    I would suggest a 40lb bag for light-weighted newcomers – young ones and little women. This is an excellent starting case for the fat type and because of the light weight, it will reduce any issues with hand breaks or anything like that. I still suggest you start off with half energy than function your way up as you're feeling comfortable.


    I understand a lot of you macho men out there are possibly saying ‘BS I'm going to be OK with a 100LB case '. The reality is, when you have never really attack the bag before, you will likely end up hurting your self on a 100LB bag. I'd like to tell you only a little story. I used to own these events at my home and all the people would begin to see the 100lb punching case and then start reaching it. Primarily these could end following a second worrying of wrist pain. Know why? Since their arms weren't applied to slugging it on a 100lb bag. One guy actually fractured a small bone in his wrist and had to go to a medical facility to get it xrayed(he was somewhat drunk at the time and did not understand it!).


    That is a superb option to the 80lb holding bag in the event that you suffer with increasing much bag from your ceiling, or if you will want more lightweight unit that you can shift around. One thing I love about these types of bags is they tend to maneuver ahead about on the ground somewhat when you strike it. It can help you learn proper positioning and advancing forward. Suggested if the holding bag does not do the job for whatsoever reason.

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