• 8 Ways to Improve your Business Facebook Page

    Don’t use your personal FB for a business

    Always use a Facebook Business Page for your business. This will allow you to add editors to the page (other members of staff) to help with posts and engagement.

    Use branded images for the page identity

    Use your logo on a plain or textured background for your profile picture. For the cover photo, use an engaging, high quality image with high impact. A simple slogan looks good, but just check it is not cropped off when viewing on a mobile.

    Add an engagement button to your page

    Did you know you can add a button to your Facebook page, such as, ‘Sign up’, ‘Send us a message’, ‘Call us’ or ‘Book now’. You can even add any link to your website. For example, you could add a ‘Shop now’ button and send customers to your website shop page.

    Complete your business information

    Add ‘About’ section information, verify the page, add a @username, create a story, add your website, add your email address, add your telephone number and any other information you think will be useful on the ‘About’ section. If you change your page template, you will have different options.

    Always add visual interest to your post

    Videos are gold dust, try and add a video at least once a month to your Facebook page, ideally one that has been professionally created. All other posts should contain a professional image or a link that automatically assigns a professional image. Do not use poor quality images.

    Schedule posts in advance

    Did you know you can write a post and schedule it to be posted at a later date or time? Instead of clicking the ‘Publish’ button, just click the option arrow next to the ‘Publish’ button and select a date and time. A little research will tell you when it the bext time to get the most traffic.

    Boost your posts

    Choose the right posts to boost that will bring a targeted boost of followers and likes to your page. It is important to use professional images for your boosted posts that are simple and have a clear message or goal.

    Respond to your engagement and messages

    It is vital that you interact positively with people that replay to your posts or message you. You don’t need to respond to every single comment on the posts, but you should respond to every message. You can setup notifications, so you only get alerts for the important actions.

    Contact: https://www.jungledrumswebsites.co.uk/8-ways-to-improve-your-business-facebook-page/

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