• 50 Dime - A Short Biography

    Curtis David Jackson III, better identified by his stage title 50 penny, was created September 6, 1975.


    50 Penny was Born in South Jamaica, Queens in New York. He became a drug supplier at age 12. In 2000, 50 Cent quit medicine dealing and became a rapper which result in him being picture 9 times.


    In 2002, 50 Dollar produced a mixture recording named Imagine Who's Back? Eminem acquired a copy from 50 Cent's 2017 Penny  attorney, liked it, and then flew 50 cent out to meet himself and Dr. Dre. Then he closed a one million buck report package and introduced the recording: No Mercy, Number Fear.


    Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 50 Dollar then produced the album: Get Wealthy or Die Tryin that was launched on March 6, 2003 and bought 20 million collections worldwide. It presented the lead single: In da Club.


    In 2003, 50 dime started G-Unit Files, a record label which signed rappers such as for instance Small Sale, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo.


    50 Dime has had many feuds with other rappers including: The Game, Ja Concept, and Fat Joe to name a few.


    50 Dime has already been in two shows: Get Wealthy or Die Tryin and Iraq War.


    50 cent has his own apparel organization: G-Unit Clothing Company. He's produced a G-Unit shoes line with Reebok. He has been a voice-over in the computer game 50 Dime: Bulletproof. He created a drink called Formula 50 that was bought-out by Coca Soda in 2007 and received him $100 million. He's introduced a condom point called miraculous stick condoms. He's built an look on The Simpsons. He has also presented an mark named G-Unit Books.


    50 Penny is sent in a Chevy Suburban which activities 5 a lot of material shield, a bombproof undercarriage, bulletproof windows, and tires that keep running even if they're opportunity out. The vehicle is pushed by experienced experts who are able to push it to protection if it's ever attacked.


    For this reason 50 Cent is getting photos at Jimmy Iovine on Grin (I'm Leavin), since this is really nerve-wrecking for Jimmy, contemplating 50 has produced him a huge selection of an incredible number of dollars. Jimmy's vacations on the islands are of an immediate fear stuffed since 50 is significantly contemplating leaving Interscope, and has been openly creating statements accusing Interscope for his not as effective release of "Curtis ".


    The departure of 50 Penny from Interscope could very nearly totally turn off Interscope's power to have tracks played on radio. Why? Since when you have a 50 Dollar in your brand, you can even get the other wack artists on your own name easy radio spins! People obtain it twisted, 50 Dime is really a music powerhouse.


    "Curtis Jackson is all about to display the best, music industry stick-up, to be warm on his sixth and last album!" (Funk Grasp Flex)


    That brings people back to Lyor Cohen, CEO of Warner Music Group. Joe Lighty, 50 Cent's supervisor, is head of the marketing department at WMG, which means it only is sensible for 50 to mind there, understanding he will get complete advertising and campaign for his projects. This places Interscope in a terrible place since the only path they can keep 50 Cent is to provide him a ancient, record-breaking, audio deal!

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